Fahan Presbyterian Church

Jesus is Lord - Romans 10: 9

George Hamilton IV

George has been to Ireland on some of his visits from his home in the USA.

Fahan Presbyterian hosts George Hamilton IV

The Church was approximately three quarters full for a thoroughly enjoyable evening with George for an hour and a half programme of country music and gospel music. George was introduced by Murry Ferguson who mentioned several interesting facts including that the original recording by George Hamilton IV in the 1950s is now more valuable than the first recording by Johnny Cash from the same year.
A number of the visitors to this free evening had previously met George in Nashville. One visitor who signed the Visitors Book that evening had an address in Spain. Some appeared to travel quite a distance and some possibly had never been at an event in the Church at Fahan previously. Another person rushed home afterwards to get something and then returned to show it to George. This lovely soft spoken gentleman stood for the whole programme without sitting down. This requires a high level of stamina for an entertainer who drives himself in a hire-car to a different venue each evening.
George: Thank you very much for coming to Donegal. We were delighted and honoured to be able to host an evening with you. While in Donegal he was well looked after in a local bed and breakfast.

George Hamilton IV with his guitar

As his name suggests, George Hege Hamilton IV comes from a long line of Georges, though the first Hamilton to cross the Atlantic was named Gavin. He left Scotland for America in 1685 for reasons which are not quite clear. George often remarks: "There is a rumour in the family that he was invited to leave for sheep stealing."