Fahan Presbyterian Church

Jesus is Lord - Romans Chapter 10 v 9

Audio Visual Specification

If you are planning an installation for your own place of worship you may find the specification of some help?

It may give you some food for thought. We have found the system has enhanced the time of worship.

Sample specification with budget prices attached.



Tender awarded Tuesday 14th August

Installation completed and commissioned (excluding training) by 12th October.


Fahan Presbyterian Church



Co. Donegal.



Contact Address

James Lamberton

1 Deanfield

Limavady Road


BT47 6HY

Tel 0044 78 1367 3874


Fax 0044 28 7186 5130














Provide all that is necessary including: delivery to site, labour, materials, and technical support to produce a quality, operational audiovisual system.


Key requirements:

·         An unobtrusive, quiet (absolutely minimal fan noise).

·         Neat installation with good audio and visual quality.

·         Help people with hearing aids and ones without hearing aids to hear more clearly.

·         To reinforce the sound of choir and congregation.

·         To record the full audio of Service to CD.

·         To display DVD to screens at front and rear.

·         Maximise the number of people who can see the front two screens with comfort.


Core elements include:

·         Deaf Loop.

·         Two projectors to screens at front and one projector focused to screen on rear wall,.

·         Two electric raised front lit screens

·         Desk Computer.

·         Mixer, amplification, loudspeaker cluster, recording system, and microphones.

·         All efforts to be made to hide cabling.

·         Separate picture output to front and rear screens.

·         Recording to DVD. Link PC to phone line for Internet access to download files (Fahan exchange not yet Broadband activated).

·         Where possible equipment is located on desk in interest of reducing costs and simplicity (no amps under pulpit).

Terms of payment will be 40% with order and one final 60 % payment within fifteen days of satisfactory and full commissioning and completion (excluding training).



Tendered prices in STG (Including VAT)

Costs including VAT


Main Projector

Supply 2 Sanyo XU-100 4,000ANSI lumens projectors mounted 4m from front wall.

Quiet operation essential sound rating 31db or less.

Key requirements are high quality picture from as near silent projector as can be sourced.

Quote db rating on full power:_________________

Your comments:



Supply two Vogels Projector Mount.

Your comments:




Supply two screens. 2.4metre by 2.4metre  fixed closely to the ceiling.. Black 50mm border on all 4 sides of viewing area. Drop colour white.

Powered and controlled by a mains (up/ down/ off) switch on the Control Desk.

Your comments:




Rear-facing Projector

Supply one 2,500 ANSI lumens Sanyo XU74 with XGA resolution to display on to screen on rear wall of Church. Safety anti fall cable required. Quietness is important with 30db maximum.

This projector is for those at the front, leading the service, who are facing the back wall during the service.


Supply one Vogels Ceiling Projector Mount for rear facing projector.

Your comments:




Mount the rear-facing projector to ceiling. Install and commissioning projector at centre rear of Church ceiling and connect to adjacent cables

Your comments:




Supply & erect one manual screen to ceiling, 1.8m at back wall in centre above door. Pull cord to lower and raise.

Your comments:

























































Supply and install one Kramer VP-4 x 4 SVGA/ XGA/ Audio Matrix Switcher at control desk to manage video signal to two projectors from 4 sources.

Your comments:




Supply and install one Panasonic NV-VP33 DVD/VHS player

Your comments:




Supply & install one CYP model CM-390 single channel Video Scaler to convert video input for projectors.

Your comments:




Supply, install and commission one Induction Loop Amplifier, model Adastra 600m2. Locate amplifier at control desk. The magnetic loop cable has already been installed around the inside wall of the Church and left open ended under the Pulpit. Close loop under pulpit and break into loop behind wainscot sheeting at mixing desk. Use field strength meter to calibrate.

Your comments:


Supply, install and commission one Sennheiser ME-34 microphones and associated goosenecks on the pulpit. Route cabling as unobtrusive as possible. The MZTX 31 mounts are not needed as we use a system of discrete flanges and mic clips that eliminates this cost.


Supply, install and commission one Sennheiser ME-34 microphones and associated goosenecks on the Lectern Route cabling as unobtrusive as possible. The MZTX 31 mounts are not needed as we use a system of discrete flanges and mic clips that eliminates this cost.


Supply one Shure PG81 microphone and one Microphone boom stand for use at Piano. Label Microphone “Piano”.

Your comments:




Supply, and commission two no. Sennheiser EW 112 G2 clip-on radio microphones. Cost £___________each x 2.

Your comments:




Supply and install six no. Sennheiser ME-34 microphones hanging from clip above ceiling on MZC 30 microphone connecting cable Microphone size 10mm wide by 15mm long, colour black. Cable diameter 1 mm. Distance from ceiling 2.1m (2.5m from floor level). Seal hole at ceiling.

Two located over Choir. Four suspended from the bottom of the globe on the back four existing light fittings. Leave spare one metre of cable on drop to allow relocating microphones, changing light bulb or extending drop length.

There is concern at them being too obvious!

Cost £___________each x 6.

Your comments:




Supply, install and commission one 16 way-mixing desk. Model Soundcraft FX16ii with Lexicon digital effects processor. Locate on Control Desk. Fit printed labels to all inputs and outputs.

Your comments:




Supply one pair of Seanheiser HD 202 professional closed back headphones for mixing desk.

Your comments:




Supply and install under desk one Crown Audio model XLS-202 amplifier for main speakers. Comment on how you could improve sound quality and reduce any fan noise.

Your comments:





Supply and fix to ceiling on manufacturers brackets two DAS Audio Artec 8 loudspeakers colour white.

Each with a program power capacity of 300W. Mount horizontally one metre apart and adjust speaker rotation for optimum sound.

Please comment on how you could improve sound quality and aesthetics.

Your comments:





Two pairs of DAS Audio brackets for above speakers.


Supply and install two Skytronic 10” powered wedge monitor speakers. Connect to fixed wiring faceplates. Cables routed not to be a tripping hazard. Mount below front pew. Please comment how to mount as neat as possible and keep cables clear of floor. Front seat is fully used by children during Children’s Talk.

Your comments:





Supply & Install one Tascam CDRW 900 burner.



Supply & install River Pro DVD 1:7 duplicator



Supply 50 blank CDs for recording sound and compatible with member’s home CD players.

Your comments:




Supply and commission one Dell Optiplex GX745 Pentium D945 3.4Ghz/800Mhz/2x2MB Cache with 17” TFT, 1 x 512MB 667Mhz DDRII Memory, 80GB 7200rpm SATA Drive, 48 x DVD ROM/CD-RW Drive, 3.5” Floppy Drive, MS Windows XP, Dell Business Audio Speaker, 2 Button wheel Mouse, Dell USB Keyboard, Norton Internet Anti Virus with one year subscription. All software licensed to Fahan Presbyterian Church.

Note: Will need a dual screen graphics card. Run computer in dual monitor rather than cloning the desktop output as it gives us greater flexibility.

Your comments:







Supply and install on computer one licensed copy of projection software “Easy Worship 2006 Pro Pack” with New International Version Bible.



Supply one HP colour ink jet printer for running off small numbers of sheets at start of service.

Your comments:




Fixed Wiring

Cabling & ducting:  The cost to supply only all the mains, screen control, audio and video cabling plus trunking, sockets and boxes to final termination points.


Cost of materials £

Your comments:




Labour to install and terminate at sockets and equipment all the above mains, screen control, audio and video cabling to final termination points. That is all labour costs not included in other line. Estimated @ 4 days @ £350 a day. Assumes 2 men = 64 hours at £21.8/ hour. Only charges in whole days of £350 for installation.

Estimated total number of hours work to install _____________hours


@ Rate per hour  (excluding VAT) £___________






Provide two three-hour training sessions for a small group of volunteer operators in the Church (or adjacent Hall) some weeks after system initially commissioned.

Deaf loop: Give overview of system and how operator can confirm system working at appropriate output level.

Data projectors: (Include general principles that can be applied to other portable projectors as well). Switching on, powering down, cleaning filter and changing bulb. Trouble shooting. Keystone correction & focus. Remote control.

Screen: How to raise and lower. Explain 4:3 ratio. Picture not to spill over. Screen at right angles to projector along top or bottom line of screen.

Switcher scalers: Purpose and operation of audio and video.

Microphones: Selection, position, principles of operation (half spherical condenser) omni directional. Good practice tips. Correct use of radio microphone, positioning, battery life and changing of battery.

DVD player. Basic play operation.

CD Burner: Briefly explain different CD/ DVD formats. Demonstrate a successful burn.

Computer: Use of split screen software “Easy Worship” and producing play list. Remote monitoring of data projectors.

Visiting Laptop: Demonstrate setting up laptop in pulpit where visitor will control their own presentation from their laptop. Demonstrate same from raised Dais at front and same from rear desk where visitor will use a radio mouse remote from laptop.

Mixing desk: Overview, controlling inputs, controlling outputs, maximising quality, troubleshooting, good practice tips, things to avoid. Feedback reduction. Reinforcing the sound of singers in choir or congregation.

Speakers: Simple principles of operation. Angle of output, frequency response & rotating cones. Use of monitor speakers at front.

Data pack and Checklist: Present all documentation in a Lever Arch file. Use training sessions to produce a typed checklist (memory jogger on a single A4 page) of simple operations required on a Sunday morning. Where & what to switch on, levels of all controls for basic operation, what to do after service and order in which they are done before switching off.


Your comments:





Insurance of £5m Public Liability and £5m employers.

Your comments:




One-year warranty on full installation including technical support by telephone for one year.

Your comments:




Supply all technical literature and user instructions in a lever arch file with a typed table of contents and section dividers.

Your comments:




Any other cost (that have not been included above) that are required to provide a fully working, quality AVA installation.

Please give details________________________________




Contingency: To be used at the discretion of the Church Committee to cover unforeseen. This money may not be used.







Work by others

Equipment Desk: To be manufactured and supplied by others following AV installation. Not part of this tender.

Estimated cost £500 plus VAT.


Intruder Alarm installation. To be installed by others. Not part of this tender.

Estimated cost installation £1,000 plus £200 maintenance and monitoring plus VAT


Volunteers will remove seat number 2 and place in Vestry. And move piano to left hand Aisle and cover with blanket.




Notes to Contractor

1.      No Sunday work.

2.      It is planned to install an audio video installation in a sister church.

3.      Terms of payment will be 40% with order and one final 60 % payment within fifteen days of satisfactory and full commissioning and completion (excluding training).

4.      Time Line:

Tender awarded Tuesday 14th August
Installation completed and commissioned (excluding training) by 12th October.

5.      Penalty clause for late completion and commissioning beyond 12th October of £200/ week with a maximum penalty of £1,000.

6.      Socket outlets to be indicated switched. Fit identification label to plugs on all equipment at Control Desk.

7.      Mains cables to run separate from LV signal cables. Use separate compartment in trunking or separate conduits to maintain 30mm separation. Mains power to come from existing socket outlet adjacent to control desk.

8.      Mains cable in pvc/ pvc twin & earth or better.

9.      All visible cables in roof space to be clipped and run at right angles. No cables to run where they will be stood on. Cables in desk area to be routed in a neat fashion and held with proprietary wiring loom spirals.

10.  Install one trunking up back wall to take LV and one trunking up back wall for mains cable to roof space. Fish wires to be left in any pipes. Duct and trunking size to allow future cables for camera installation and future wires for proposed intruder alarm. Install two cable ducts under dais so that dais and carpet will not be disturbed in any future cable installations between Pulpit and control desk. Leave one fish wire behind wainscot for future LV and one fish wire for future mains cables.

11.  One 13A socket for each projector on one twin & earth supply. Arrange mains wiring so that operator has only one switch to isolate power to all AV equipment (after projectors have been powered down using remote infra red device).

12.  Allow proposed future Intruder alarm contractor use your trunking and ducting for five alarm cables. The alarm control box will be located outside Boilerhouse door. From there five cables under dais and behind wainscot to rear of Church as follows: 2 MD on back wall, keypad in porch, MD in Porch and contact on front door.

13.  Install multiple points in multi boxes. One at base of Pulpit for 6 microphones and one laptop. One in Pulpit for two microphones and one laptop point. Laptop output s to be audio and video.

14.  Confirm how you will allow a laptop be used in pulpit, at lectern and at rear desk to send video output to projectors and audio output to amplifiers. Explain how you propose to send one picture to front screen and separate picture to rear screen from any computer point or DVD player.
Comment on your proposed solution.__________________________________________________

15.  Explain how you will prevent feedback when reinforcing sound of Choir and Congregation.

Comment on your proposed solution.__________________________________________________

16.  Briefly detail two similar audio video installations you have completed and a contact telephone number for each. We may request a site visit to their installation as part of the Church Committee evaluation.

17.  Proof of £5m Public Liability and £5m Employers Insurance will be required before commencement on site.

18.  Provide Data Sheets of equipment you propose to supply where it differs from that specified in the Tender document.

19.  Tender evaluation will be based on value for money, quality of audio and video output, perceived ability to install neatly, likely visit to a completed installation, ability to install on time and provide ongoing technical support.

20.  If you are awarded the contract to install you will be asked to submit a H&S Method Statement of how you propose to carry out the installation in a safe manner.

21.  Please comment on your H&S plans: ___________________________________________________

22.  Please add any additional comments here in support of your tender or areas (not covered above) where you propose variations from the Tender._________________________________