Carndonagh Presbyterian Church

 Carndonagh Presbyterian Church
Hillhead Presbyterian Church, Carndonagh, Co. Donegal is part the Presbytery of Derry and Donegal.

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Times of Public Worship: 10:30am
Summer times – same.
Midweek Bible Study / Prayer : Wednesday 8pm.
Sunday School Times: During Sunday morning service.
Organisation times:
Monday – 6:30pm: Beavers. Evening: Badminton.
Tuesday – Evening: Bowls.
Wednesday – Evening: Badminton.
Thursday – 6:30pm: Children’s Badminton.
Friday –  Evening: Bowls.
Saturday – 8pm: Young People’s Badminton.
Set Dates for special services
Communion-  1st Sunday in January, May & November.
Children’s Day –  Last Sunday in May.                  Harvest –  1st Sunday in October.
Other special services: All age services on Easter Sunday and the Sunday before Christmas.
Good Friday Services shared with Malin. Children’s Holiday Club and Teenage Club
Sundays in the summer also shared with Malin.

Presbyterians have been in the Carndonagh area from at least 1692 if not even before this. Services were held in what is now the Church hall until the present church building was completed in 1886. Current church membership consists of 44 families. In May 2000 it was decided to provide a crèche during the service as the number of babies and young children in the congregation was growing. This has been a resounding success. Throughout the week during the winter months the Church Hall is the base for activities for young and old in the form of Junior, Youth and Adult badminton, Youth Club and Bowling. A midweek meeting is also held in the Manse (alternate Wednesdays) which has covered such courses as Alpha, A life worth Living and Christianity Explored.
Carndonagh Presbyterian Church is located in the part of Donegal known as Inishowen, which is the most northerly peninsula in Ireland. It lies between Lough Swilly and Lough Foyle. The church and manse are situated outside the town at ‘the Hillhead’ and for this reason the church is known locally as Hillhead. Hillhead is a joint charge with Malin Presbyterian Church which is situated a few miles outside the village of Malin on the scenic route to Malin Head.
In many ways this part of Ireland could be described as the ‘undiscovered country.’ Despite its great natural beauty, golden beaches, handsome hills, woods and mountains, it remains relatively unspoilt by tourism. It has a character all of its own and it is quite unlike anywhere else in Ireland.
Badminton Club
The Badminton Club in Hillhead was established in 1920 during the ministry of Rev. Boyd. The club meets for practice in the church hall on a Monday and Thursday night. In the early 80’s a junior and youth badminton club was started with the 8-12 year olds meeting on a Thursday from 6-8pm and the Youth badminton (12-18+)on a Saturday night from 8-10pm. Currently 37 young people are participating in the badminton club. Both the junior & senior badminton clubs compete in the North West Ulster Badminton Association and Donegal Badminton Leagues and have had some successes in recent years.

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