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Jesus is Lord - Romans Chapter 10 v 9


Children’s Quiz

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Aoife told us at Church how she spent a time in Eastern Europe with Exodus during the summer.
What country did she visit and what transport did she use to get up the mountain?

 Examples of previous children's answers below.

Answer from child to Childrens Story told by Minis


 The children have an opportunity to answer an occasional quiz based on the Sunday Children's story.




Answer to quiz question on Announcement Sheet

The minister invites all the boys and girls to come up to the front of the Church where they hear a story specifically for them (big people are allowed to listen in as well!).


Answer to quiz question by child
After the story (that contains a Christian message geared for their age group) they return to their parents. All children who submit an answers received a small gift.

Answer by child to Ministers Childrens story

Answers can be handed in the following Sunday morning or e-mailed from below.


Enthuastic child replies to Ministers story


 Why not come and hear the story? 

The Quiz is meant to be a fun activity that reinforces the Christian message.



Answer to occassional quiz for children

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