Fahan Presbyterian Church

Jesus is Lord - Romans 10: 9

Christmas Craft Gift Fayre

A very popular event held every two years.
Click here for details of a typical Fayre flyer. 
Fresh eggs need hens and a house
There was great interest in the hen house and egg laying hens. This lovely well built house was sold.

Beautiful singing by David  Melanie Darragh
David and Melanie  took part in the musical event in the Church during the Christmas Craft and Gift Fayre. (Melanie also had a stall at an Easter Coffee Morning and Cake Sale).

Sunday in the snow before the morning service
Fahan Presbyterian Church in the snow. Cold outside but warmer inside.

Nativity Scene knitted by a Church member

Hand made dolls on sale at the Craft Fayre

Beautifully made by local children
Hand crafted by a local young person.

A few of the Christmas cakes made by Margaret Ferg
Some of the many cakes that were sold during the popular Craft Fayre.

Craft Fayre visitors enjoying the wide selection
The Hall was packed with enthuastic shoppers on a cold Saturday afternoon.

Paintings in oil and water by Liz Doran
Beautiful, quality paintings by Liz Doran art teacher and artist included pictures of local scenes, Fahan Presbyterian Church and St. Muras Church of Ireland.

Very popular Hand made and fresh produce
Homemade, fresh, tasty treats and farm fresh free-range eggs were among the wide varity of items on display.

Mouth watering very popular  home baking

All action on the day Early shoppers got the best

Church Choir during the Christmas Craft Fayre

Ann serving on her TearCraft Stand Helping the vun
This stall was in aid of Tear Fund a charity helping the needy in the name of Jesus.

Logs for the winter fire

Full car park is a sign of a popular Craft fayre

Overflow from the carpark along the roadside
Overspill of cars onto the main road.

Electric generators required

Edward  Cathleen Laverty paintings

All ages enjoyed the Christmas Craft  Gift Fayre

Concentration needed on the Youth Club equipment