Fahan Presbyterian Church

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Coffee Morning Cake Sale

We would love to see you at our next Coffee Morning and Cake Sale.
We have over the years run a number of coffee mornings (combined with a cake sale). They are normally held at the Easter Weekend. The Congregation are very appreciative of the support given by friends and neighbours for this event. It is hard work for the members but very satisfying. The photographs below should give you some idea of the flavour and atmosphere of the event. The cakes are normally the first items to be sold out. "The early bird catches the worm" would be an appropriate saying. Here is a sample of a flyer from some years ago.
Coffee Morning  cake Sale 07-04-12 

Above is a 2012 poster of this popular event.
Babies, children and adults all keen to buy at Fahan Presbyterian Church Sale.
All ages from babies upwards come to a popular but busy sale.

Cake Sale  Coffee Morning, Fahan Presbyterian Church
There is often more time spent talking to friends over tea, coffee and home made tray bakes than is spent buying. Flowers are normally paced on the tables. Daffodils above for Easter events and sweet pea for summer events.

Burco boiler for Fair vTrade tea. Watch the milk does not boil over.
The men, ladies and children all help. A very careful eye has to be kept on the milk for the coffee so it does not get burnt or boil over. The Fair Trade tea bags are sitting beside the Burco ready for the next pot.


Men  ladies, boys  girls all helping to serve Fair Trade tea.


Ivan wastes no time serving Fair Trade tea to the visitors who have bought some lovely cakes, jam, American cookies, knitted bunnies and are now engrossed in conversation.

He is keen no one goes without as he asks "would you like a wee top up?"








Jame, cakes, tray bakes, shortbread, cookies, knitted bunnies, easter eggs for sale.




Jam, cakes, tray bakes, shortbread, cookies, knitted bunnies, Easter eggs etc. for sale. Coming early is so important to get the best selection of home baking.









Cake Sale  Coffee morning means coming early




The activity is fast and exciting at all the stalls. Children use their pocket money to buy goodies to eat at the time while adults are thinking on home baking for the home teas over Easter.









Richard Ferguson washing dishes at the Cake Sale  Coffee Morning



Richard as one of a willing team needs to keep washing up  as more and more people sit down for a "wee cup of tea or milky coffee". Richard who has already completed a course at Belfast bible College is studying Theology at Belfast and has come home for the Easter holidays.









Visitors at the Cake Sale and Coffee Morning at Fahan Presbyterian Church.

Visitors to the Coffee Morning and Cake Stall come to enjoy the occasion and soak up the atmosphere.


Prize winner at one stand at the Cake Sale and Coffee Morning, Fahan Presbyterian Church.

The prize winner and friends of a fund raising stall for Stephen Ferguson who must raise money for his trip as a leader of an Exodus team to Romania. The team plan to spend one week in Lasu followed by a second week in the village of Kec.

Landrover and Daleside Feeds lorry at Cake Sale
Outside Fahan Presbyterian Church the sign to the Cake Sale points passers-by to this popular event. This Landrover driver seems to be interested in the event while Daleside Feeds tries to negotiate a way through.

Raining outside but comfortable  friendly inside at the Cake Sale  Coffee Morning

It may be raining outside during the sale but inside in the heat, visitors are buying lovely home made goods followed by a cup of tea. A big thank you to all who helped us by supporting this event.

Poster for a Coffee Morning and Cake Sale
Cakes, crafts, jam, home baking and cards. All hand made.

Cards for sale at the Easter Coffee Morning and Cake Sale
Hand made cards carefully crafted and beautifully presented.

Easter bunny shortbread made to a secret recipe
The home made shortbread is always popular. The recipe is only know to the baker, a member of the Church at Fahan.

Easter coffee morning customers.
There are always sweets and small gifts suitable for inquisitive minds to buy with their pocket money.

 Easter Coffee morning Pricing the popular cakes
Everything needs priced before the doors open at 11am and the visitors arrive.

Every child at the Easter Coffee Morning was keen
Decision time as adults and children debate what price to put on their gifts and crafts.

How will I spend my pocket money at the Easter Coffee morning?
Decision time. How will I spend my pocket money?

Easter Coffee Morning eat as much as you like
The tables were set for coffee and tea. You could eat as much as you liked of home baked cakes, scones and pancakes.

A willing helper at the Easter Coffee Morning
Helpers of all ages are required on the day of the Coffee Morning and Craft sale.

Easter Coffee morning table decorations of daffodils
Daffodils from a members garden helped decorate the tea table.

Lovely flower arrangement at Easter Coffee Morning
A lovely planted teapot used to decorate the Hall for the Coffee Morning and Cake Sale.

Spoilt for choice at the Easter Coffee Morning
There is plenty of sweet goodies for children to spend their pocket money on. The difficulty is deciding what to buy before it was gone.

Great competrition to buy the best cakes at the Easter Cake and Craft Sale
Cakes in particular sell very quick and an early purchase is necessary. "The early bird catches the worm".

Melanie Darraghs stall at a Coffee Morning
Melanie presented for sale, lovely American cookies that she had savoured in her homeland before coming to Ireland. Samples were available to taste before a purchase was made.

 Easter Coffee Morning time for a break
Purchases made, now it is time to relax over a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy some home made tray bakes.

Tea and tray bakes at the Easter Coffee Morning
Relax and enjoy the company.

Willing helpers at an Easter Coffee Morning
The Coffee Morning is over, the visitors have left and cleaning up can begin.

 No charge but rather a donation at easter Coffee M
There was no entrance fee and no charge for the tea. Instead there was a box at the door for donations.