Fahan Presbyterian Church

Jesus is Lord - Romans 10: 9

Communion Service

The Sacrament of the Lords Supper (Service of Communion) takes place a few times per year. The Service of Communion is held during an all age service, where the children witness the Service without partaking of the elements. 
Communion elements of Bread  & Wine at Fahan Presbyterian Church

Small individual pieces of white bread and small individual glasses of communion wine is served by the Church leaders (members of Session).

Traditionally a Soup & Cheese Lunch is held after the Spring Communion Service.

Patrick Lynch of Fahan & Inch Community Care Association
Patrick Lynch of Fahan & Inch Community Care discussing the benefits of the Medical Details stored in the fridge after a Communion Service. A brilliant and very simple initiative for the elderly and vulnerable.

Commnity Care Fahan  Inch speaker Patrick Lynch
Patrick Lynch explains initiatives of the local Community Care Association. These include Aid Call telephones, smoke alarms, "Good Morning Inishowen", roof space insulation, door locks and security lights.

Members listening intently to Patrick Lynch & the Soup & Cheese Lunch
Members of the Congregation taking a deep interest in the work of the visiting speaker.

Fahan  & Inch Community Care speaker is the focus of interested Church members.
All ages, crowd into the room to hear something of interest.

Not all hard work at the Soup  & Cheese Lunch. Time for deep thought.
Not everyone is involved in cooking or washing up the dishes. There is time for some very serious discussion.

A selection of soups, rolls, trifles and tea are on the menu.
The Soup and Cheese lunch normally includes a range of soups, breads, cheese, baps trifles and tea or orange.

Time for a chat and to relax. We will wash the dishes later!
It is normal for all ages to stay for the Sunday morning after-church lunch.

Everybody is satisfied. Then everyone is offered extras.
The meal is over, everyone is satisfied and there is usually some left over for donating to the house bound.