Cumber Presbyterian

Times of Public Worship – 10.30 am
Summer times, if applicable Combined in July in Upper Cumber, and in August in Cumber
Midweek Bible Study / Prayer
Sunday School Times 10.50 – 11.45 am
Organisation times:
Monday – PW (1st of Month)
Tuesday 8 pm Bowling Club (Sept-March)
Set Dates for special services
Communion – last Sunday in April & October
Children’s Day – 2nd or 3rd Sunday in June.  Harvest – 1st Sunday October
Other special services: Christmas morning


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Cumber Presbyterian Church 1867 

List of members

Samuel Lyle, Esq.
John Irwin
James Irwin
Mary Kincaid
James M'Comb
David Nutt
John M'Connel
John M'Comb
Thomas M'Clelland
William Clarke
James Clarke
James Brisland
James Craig
William Kelly
William Hawthorne
Hugh Hawthorne
John Kerr
Samuel Nutt
John Todd
David Quigley
George Allen
Thomas Simpson
Thomas Todd
William M'Clements
John Thompson
David Thompson
John Stevenson
Robert Smyth
Thomas Nixon
Robert Nixon
Robert Miller
James Hutton
Hugh Smyth
James Gibson
Henry Caldwell
William Smyth
Andrew Nutt
John Clark
Robert M'Clements
Samuel Nutt
Andrew Rosborough
John Morrison
Samuel McClements
John Quigley
John Crooks
Joseph Hawthorne
John M'Guire
William Guy
John Thompson
William Smyth
John Cochrane
Matthew Smyth
John Cunningham
William Cunningham
John Craig
George Craig
Mrs. Barr
James Ross
Alexander Duncan
William M'Cullough
Hugh Meharg
William M'Laughlin
George M'Laughlin
Daniel M'Comb
John Deens
John Rosborough
Thomas Cairns
John Cairns
Joseph Kelly
Ephraim Thompson
Andrew Long
James Rosborough
David Money
James Whiteside
Mrs. Cather
Mrs. Gilfillan
James Canning
Thomas Walker
James Dunn
Stewart Christy
William Long
James Mitchell

Andrew Cowan
William Simpson
John M'Laughlin
William Cochran
William Kerr
James Kerr
William Miller
Robert Miller
Widow Love
John M.Caulla
James M'Conaghy
John Arbuckle
Edward Stevenson
Robert Duddy
Robert Campbell
James Miller
Robert Bailey
William Barr
Mrs. Thompson
John Thompson
William Canning
William Lowry
John Lowry
Edward Christy
Andrew Christy
Ralph Christy
Ralph Hamilton
James Miller
William M'Kinney
William Rosborough
Sarah Rosborough
Robert Haslett
James Cairns
Archibald Cairns
William Hamilton
Joseph M'Cahey
Robert M'Clements
Samuel Simpson
Andrew Cairns
John Simpson
William Lowther
William Hamilton
Samuel Baird
Mary Mitchell
James Curry
Joseph Long
Andrew Orr
John Pollock
Alexander Pollock
Robert Donnell
Henry Thompson
Mrs. Turbitt
Andrew S. Brown
William Marshall
George Miller
James Miller
Stuart Hamilton
John Johnston
William Marshall
Andrew Lyle
James Christy
Samuel M'Farland
Robert Cairns
Robert Mitchell
Edward Christy
James Donaghey
Andrew Nutt
John Laughlin
James Galbraith
Major Keys
William Houston
Robert Keys
Wm. M'Comb, sen.
Mrs. M'Comb
Rev. S. S. Allison
William Curry
Martha Carson
Andrew Little
James Mitchell
Samuel Deans
James Donaghey

James Hamilton
William Mitchell
John Caldwell
Mrs. Scott
Thomas Rosborough
John Rosborough
Samuel M'Carter
William Glenn
Joseph Lynn
David M'Carter
Robert Lynn
William Lynn
Joseph Aiken
Mary Weir
Andrew Hamilton
John Miller
John Heaney
John M'Kinney
James Reid
John Cairns
Margaret Gilgrist
George Bates
Samuel Mitchell
William Moore
Samuel Kilgore
Eliza Caldwell
William Dolan
John Walker
William Bond
Joseph Kilgore
Hugh Rosborough
Edward Moore
Alexander M'Comb
James Downey
David M'Comb
Arthur M'Carter
Joseph Collingwood
Alexander Miller
Joseph Dunn
Mary Eliza Adams
James Stevenson
Robert Miller
Joseph Miller
Samuel Colhoun
John Irwin
James M'Clelland
Robert Criton
William Kennedy
Jane Todd
Jane Houston
Alexander Mitchell
James Kelly
William Moubray
Hamilton Perry
James Lynch
Joseph Black
John Laughlin
Samuel M'Clure
Margaret Love
Matthew M'Farland
Matthew M'Donald
John M'Clay
John Kennedy
John Long
James Long
R. Alexander Gilfillan
William Gilfillan
James Black
John Hamilton
William Simpson
William Hamilton
David Hamilton
David Strawbridge
John Thompson
William Miller
Margaret Quigley
Andrew Reid
James Quigley
John Rankin
Joseph Smallwoods
Samuel Smallwoods
Robert Burnside

On R238 from Derry to Buncrana at Tooban, Burnfoot 

Fahan, Via Lifford, Co. Donegal 

Republic of Ireland EIRCode F93 XY65 

ROI Registered Charity Number (RCN): 20205867