Donagheady Presbyterian

Donaheady Presbyterian

Times of Public Worship  11.30 am
Summer times, if applicable

Midweek Bible Study / Prayer – weekly basis Oct-April, except on the 1st Wednesday which is PW
Sunday School Times – 10.30 am Sept - June
Organisation times:
Monday – Bowling Club 8 pm
Wednesday – Midweek / PW on 1st Wed 8 pm
Friday – Mini-Club 7 pm
Saturday – alternative weeks – Youth Club 7.30 pm
Set Dates for special services
Communion– 3rd Sunday in April & October
Children’s Day – 3rd Sunday in June               
Harvest – 1st  Sunday in October (changed 2007)
Other special services, Enrolments etc

Donagheady Presbyterian Church (Originally known as 2nd Donagheady Presbyterian)

1st Donagheady Presbyterian Church Financial Statement 1857.

1st Donagheady Presbyterian Church Marriages 1845-1928.

2nd Donagheady Presbyterian Church Financial Statement 1863.

2nd Donagheady Presbyterian Church Elders.

Donagheady Second Presbyterian Church Baptisms 13 April 1838 to 3 July 1901.

Second Donagheady Presbyterian Church Marriages 1845 - 1926.

On R238 from Derry to Buncrana at Tooban, Burnfoot 

Fahan, Via Lifford, Co. Donegal 

Republic of Ireland EIRCode F93 XY65 

ROI Registered Charity Number (RCN): 20205867