Fahan Presbyterian Church

Jesus is Lord - Romans 10: 9

Donegal Presbyterian Choir

The Choir formally called "The Donegal Presbytery Choir" led the singing at a Praise Evening in Fahan Presbyterian Church.
(Fahan Presbyterian Church Choir normally lead Church services but it was a real treat to have "The Donegal Presbytery Choir" lead the singing.)

Donegal Presbyterian Choir at Fahan Presbyterian Church

Conductor Trevor Gamble led the Choir during a lovely Sunday evening Praise Service in Fahan Presbyterian Church on a cold autumn night.
Although dark and wet outside, in the Church it was warm and comfortable with lovely singing and praise.

Donegal Presbyterian Choir, Ireland, at Fahan Presbyterian Church

Among those involved:
The Donegal Presbyterian Choir.
Church co-ordinator, Hazel Elder.
Car parking, Kenneth Fguson and team.
Solo by Sharon Johnston.
Reading by Robin Moran.
Reading by David Armour.
Solo by Trevor Gamble.
Reading by Margaret Patterson.
Solo by Jennifer Vance.
Reading by Maureen Boreland.
Epilogue by Rev. Knox Jones.
Catering by the ladies of the Church.
Audio Visual Team Aoife Ferguson, Christopher Lamberton and Gareth Lamberton.

CD of Fahan Presbyterian Church Carol Service

 A CD of the Praise Evening was available (example shown is of a Carol Service CD).