Fahan Presbyterian Church

Jesus is Lord - Romans 10: 9


The 'Craic' was good on the night when Upper Cumber Community Drama Group entertained the fifty plus crowd in the Hall. Lighthearted and good fun. The Drama Group have met several visits to Fahan over the years.

Catching mice was Good Craic at the Drama night at Fahan

 The caretaker had to try and catch the mice in the Church Hall.

Cumber Drama Group at Fahan on stage

Everyone waited with baited breath to see what would happen next.

Upper Cumber Drama Group sound man

Despite the big number on stage other enthuastic volunteers worked behind the scenes, keeping the show 'on the road'.


Upper Cumber Drama Group, having Good Craic at Fahan

Over a dozen volunteers give of their best on stage to a very attentive audience by Upper Cumber Community Drama Group.


 On stage at Fahan is Upper Cumber Drama Group
All good clean fun


 On stage at Fahan having Good Craic is Cumber Drama Group

Hearty singing by thirteen voices on stage.



Cumber Drama programme at 25-03-10

Cumber Drama programme at 25-03-10 programme b 

 Cumber Drama programme at 25-03-10 programme a


Cumber Community Drama Group (UCCDG) is a small drama group made up of local people, who put on a play (usually a fireside comedy and usually musical) each year.

 Cumber Community Drama Group have put on plays on several occassions  at Fahan Presbyterian Church Hall including Thursday 16th February 2006, Thursday 22nd March 2007 and and Thursday 25th march 2010 . The evenings have always been very popular and "great craic".

A new play is written especially for the cast each year and is performed on two nights in the village and then goes 'on the road' for a couple of months, performing to audiences in various rural and cross-border areas, helping to raise funds for other groups. One performance per year is given in aid of charity - one charity being Kidney Dialysis for Letterkenny Hospital. The group is based in Upper Cumber Presbyterian Church Hall. We would like to have more men in our group.