Fahan Presbyterian Church

Jesus is Lord - Romans 10: 9

Eric Angus Whyte

Eric played at Fahan Presbyterian Church Hall on Friday 3rd February 2012. His next tour was in Germany. Also taking part that evening was Stevie Johnston singer-songwriter from NI and Michelle Bradley a world-class Irish dancer from Fahan.
Highly acclaimed Canadian folk singer-songwriter brings his heart-felt music to Fahan. After launching his 3rd studio album. Nominated for folk-album of the year.  Follow him on Facebook.

Eric Angus Whyte at Fahan Presbyterian
Eric on stage at Fahan Presbyterian Church playing the dulcimer. 

Michelle Bradley, Fahan, World-class Irish dancer
Michelle demonstrated the very highest level of Irish Dancing that can be achieved. Here dancing drew several great rounds of appreciation.

All ages at Fahan Presbyterian concert
All ages (from babies in arms to pensioners) attended the well supported concert.

A few notes below from Eric Angus WEB site: 
I've been playing music as an excuse for a job since 2004. My first love was songwriting. The potential potency of a good song was first stressed to me through the writings of a few people like Rich Mullins, Bruce Cockburn and Mark Heard. Since 2004 I've released two solo projects and participated in a group project with Lyrics & Laughter, a musical/comedy show promoting Cape Breton culture. Over the last six years I've been fortunate enough to have played, recorded and toured with some wonderful musicians. Some of the highlights as I remember them now....my very first tour was as an opening act for Joel Plaskett. It was, perhaps, an odd match but a real blast. Another big highlight was recording Eastbound Plane with Greg Keelor from Blue Rodeo. He's been a musical hero of mine for the longest time. Then last year a celtic group called GiveWay, from Edinburgh, recorded my tune Lost In This Song as the title track of their new record. Their version rocks and the song sounds much better sung with the Scottish lilt. Presently I'm working on a new single with vetran (solid) rocker Randy Stonehill.------ Albums: Always Home: a loosely thematic collection of songs dealing with the experiences of leaving home, trying to find belonging, and eventually returnin with a bit more graciousness and gratitude. Nominated for the Folk Album of the Year at the ECMAs.------ A Little Rough Around The Edges: A live in the studio (experimental!) project, containing untuned vocals, guitar flubs and a terrific sense of musical vulnerability :)

Israel to work on a kibbutz. Instead, I recorded a collection of original folk songs called 'Always Home'. I'm not sure it was the best idea but it certainly got me broke... 

The musical road doesn't pay much, but it does provide me with a never-ending supply of ammusement. It has taken me across Canada, south of the border and across the sea, into prisons and resorts, churches and pubs, hockey rinks and Walt Disney movie sets.

Note: at this point I'm switching to the third person so I can list accolades and boring nonsense that is crucial to mention if you want gigs...

Note: I'm never ''frequently'' asked anything. But let's say I was, here are some answers I may give to some qestions that might be asked:

Q: What kind of guitar do you play?
A: I currently play two Stonebridge guitars. They come from the Czech Republic and I think they're the guitar world's best kept secret. Though I realize that's not advantageous for their business, so I'm trying to help get the word out there and maybe someday they'll reward me handsomely with a brand new guitar or a guitar strap or even a coffee mug...anything would be fine actually.

Q: What's the weird stringed instrument that you play?
A: It's called a hammer dulcimer. There will be a lot of this instrument featured on the new album.

Q: Are there any new projects on the go?
A: Yes and thanks for asking! I have a new album written and ready to go. I will be recording this summer in Halifax with producer Stephen Fearing (Blackie & The Rodeo Kings). The album will be called 'Luddite Sons'. It will be released by September 1st 2011.