Fahan Church Presbyterian

Fahan Presbyterian Church
A congregation linked to the Presbytery of Derry and Donegal.

Childrens Day, Fahan. Congregation settling down.
The congregation from Inch and Fahan gathering for Children's Day. The Church is open and light with carpets on the aisle and cushions on the seats. Worshipers have the choice of using the hymn books or the audio visual screens during congregational singing.

Taking time for a chat is a feature of an early mo
The service is over and if the weather is not too inclement then time is taken to catch up with the news as members gather in groups. Others choose to stay indoors and have a cup of tea.

On R238 from Derry to Buncrana at Tooban, Burnfoot 

Fahan, Via Lifford, Co. Donegal 

Republic of Ireland EIRCode F93 XY65 

ROI Registered Charity Number (RCN): 20205867