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Faughanvale Presbyterian

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Faughanvale Presbyterian Church is situated on the old coach road outside Eglinton, a fast growing village about 7 miles from Londonderry and has a congregation of around 320 families. Set on a hill with a marvellous view over the Airport to the Donegal hills, it was built in 1894, though the congregation dates back to 1730.

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Times of Public Worship 11.30 am Evening – as announced.     Summer times, if applicable – 11 am
Midweek Bible Study / Prayer – Thursday 8 pm
Sunday School Times – Senior at 10.30 am, Junior during Church
Organisation times:
Sunday – Nite Light Youth Fellowship 7.00 – 8.30 pm
Monday – Junior Badminton 6.30- 8 pm.  Senior Badminton 8 pm. PW 1st Monday, 7.45 pm
Tuesday - Rainbows 6.30 – 7.30 pm, Brownies 6.30 to 7.45 pm.  Bowls 7.30 – 10 pm
Wednesday – Girl Guides 7 – 9 pm. Bowls 7.30 – 10 pm. YWG 4th Wed 8.15 pm
Thursday – Company Section BB 7 pm. / Midweek 8 pm
Friday – Anchor Boys and Junior Section 6.30 to 7.45 pm
Set Dates for special services
Communion – 1st Sunday in January, and last Sunday in April & October
Children’s Day- 3rd Sunday in May.  Harvest – 2nd Sunday in October  BB Enrolment 3rd Sunday October.


The story of Faughanvale Presbyterian Church
must , like so many local histories, begin with The Plantation Of Ulster. The parish of Faughanvale had until this time been relatively underdeveloped, despite its long history.  

The  name itself has no reference to the neighbouring River Faughan but derives from the Irish NUA-CONGVAIL meaning "new ecclesiastical habitation." Pronounced "Noo-Hong'val", it became corrupted to Faughanvale.  

This state of affairs changed after James 1 had granted the task of colonizing and developing the county of Coleraine to the twelve great Companies of the City of London. Most of the parish of Faughanvale was administered by the Grocer's Company, whose estate extended into the two neighbouring parishes of Lower Cumber and Clondermott.   

For those early settlers, a combination of Scotch Presbyterian and English Puritan, there was only one place of worship, the Established Church newly built in 1622.  

The Church at Fauganvale was part of the Parish of Glendermott  but the people of Faughanvale started to look for their own minister. It was not until 1730 that Faughanvale became a distinct and separate charge.  

On 16 June of that year a meeting of the General Synod of Ulster in Dungannon heard Mr McCullough and others from Faughanvale request that they may be "speedily settled with a Gospel Minister". The reply was, "the Synod recommends it to the Presbytery of Derry to issue this affair with all convenient speed"

Smith, MA


James Dunn, MA


Henry Elder, MA


Marshall Moore, MA


Lowry Edmunds Berkeley, DD


Francis Petticrew, MA, Dlit., DD


Samuel Semple, MA


William Bates, BA  


William Ernest Boggs, MA


Samuel James Gray BA, BD

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