Fahan Presbyterian Church

Jesus is Lord - Romans Chapter 10 v 9

Foreword to Church Accounts (sample)

Below is an extract from parts of a Foreword use at Fahan presbyterian Church. It was published one January as an introduction  to the annual Church Financial Accounts.

"...............In the past year the life of our church fellowship has brought many of the emotions described above. There have been times of celebration and excitement. Fahan members have proudly welcomed new grandchildren and celebrated significant events. New families have been formed through marriage and young people have achieved success in school and college. Yet, as in life, there have also been difficulties and challenges. The past year has for many of our members involved personal health concerns and periods in hospital.  

However, amid all the conflicting emotions of life we must always remember that we serve a faithful God who reigns in heaven and on earth. He is aware of our emotions and our needs. He is the faithful, unchanging God. We look to Him in these days of pressure upon believers to uphold and strengthen. God has promised to build His Church and has stated that no forces will prevail against it.

In Fahan we acknowledge God’s continued grace and love. Many members, young and old, have been prayed for in our Midweek in 2012 and God has answered prayer. He has given the necessary strength to those who have lost loved ones and has sustained His people by his loving presence. As a congregation we give God thanks for all that He has done for us.

The members of Fahan have once more demonstrated deep commitment to this church in their generous financial giving. The financial accounts for ........ are exceptional. We thank all who gave so sacrificially and all who played their part in the fundraising events.

We acknowledge also the time committed by members of the church to sustain a faithful witness to all age groups. I wish to thank the members of Kirk Session for their work as they visit their districts and seek to give spiritual oversight to the congregation. .......... The Church Committee has continued to function well looking after the property and funds of the congregation. We appreciate all who serve so willingly. I am very conscious that many people give their time and talents with real enthusiasm but wish to highlight especially the work of our treasurer ............ We appreciate those who act as secretaries and treasurers in all the organisations ............

There are a host of people who work for Christ in this congregation without seeking glory for themselves. We thank our caretaker ....... for the high standard of his work during another year. We record our appreciation to the musicians who lead the worship so sensitively each week, the choir, the leaders of the PW, Youth Club, Bowls, Rainbows and Youth Fellowship. We thank all involved in the work of the Sunday school and the leaders of the crèche. We acknowledge the important contribution of those who help to record the services and regulate the audio-visual. Other members serve God by looking after the distribution of literature and coordinating appeals and rotas or by preparing the praise items for the power-point. We also benefit by members of the Missionary Committee leading our monthly Mission Spots. We thank each person involved in these aspects of the congregation’s witness and any other work which I may have neglected to highlight.

We ran a BBQ and Fun Day in the summer and were delighted with the response from the local community. This was a new venture which proved very profitable in building links with the local families. We had our Holiday Bible Club in July and although numbers were not as high as in the past it was an enjoyable week as the children learnt more of God’s Word. We are blessed with a good number of committed young people who helped lead the Club. Many of them served as leaders in various camps in the remainder of the summer.   ........................................ 

During the past year we focused on Sunday mornings from January to July on the life of Moses. It was an opportunity to learn from the life of a man who witnessed first hand God’s supernatural power and enjoyed close, intimate fellowship with him. ................. In our Midweek meeting we considered the letters of James and Jude. I want to thank most sincerely our members who are found at the Midweek on a regular basis. Their devotion and faithfulness to study God’s Word and to pray for the needs of our church is refreshing and encouraging.   

As we look to the year ahead I pray that we will experience His blessing. Thank you to each member for your encouragement and friendship. May we have great cause to rejoice this year as God’s draws souls to Himself and lives become progressively more Christlike.

Your minister and friend;"