Fahan Presbyterian Church

Jesus is Lord - Romans 10: 9

Holiday Bible Club

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Amy and Zoe up front at Fahan HBC

Amy and Zoe (above) leading in 2016 and fun with the parachute (below) in 2016.

Great fun at Fahan HBC with the parachute

Traditionally there is a club of five days duration each summer for the children of the Church and others from the area. Leaders are usually a combination of youth and adults from the Church plus help from OM, YFC or Christian Youth in Action (CEF). THe week is very popular with the children who are involved in Bible Stories, games and crafts.

Holiday Bible Club, great fun with the parachute

Adults and children enjoyed the parachute games outside in the sun at the Fahan Holiday Bible Club. The grass area was perfect if one tumbled in the excitement. Great fun and great excitement before going inside for other events.

Holiday Bible Club, great action songs and singing.
Fahan Holiday Bible Club has been a highlight for many years on the children's calendar. Young people from the Church and surrounding area enjoy a week of action songs, Bible stories and more.

Holiday Bible Club work book.
One of the craft items carefully created by each child was this cross made with matchsticks. It took a lot of patience and concentration but was very satisfying.
It consisted of red card, grey card stock, gold ribbon, matches and loads of glue.

Great to take home and hang in the bedroom.

Holiday Bible Club Work Book, one for each child.
Each year a different theme is followed for the five days of the Fahan Holiday Bible Club. This work book is from Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) and has a series of tasks for each day. The children enjoyed completing the daily section that was related to the Bible story.

Lovely weather and parachute games are a good mix at Fahan HBC
Fine weather and lovely soft grass in a quiet corner of the Church grounds complimented the excitement of playing with the parachute. The children took it in turns to play inside the main hall or come out to the sun.

Fahan Holiday Bible Club, parachute fun in good weather
All ages join in the fun. Don't be telling, but the adults (mammys and leaders) seemed to enjoy playing the games every bit as much as the children.

Great fun on the grass during the Fahan Holiday Bible Club.
Who will be the winner of his game? Staying on your feet will probably help? Some of the helpers seem to rather far behind. However it is all good fun whether you are first, last or somewhere in between.

Christian Youth in Action team member at Fahan Holiday Bible Club.
The Holiday Bible Club was being led by enthuastic volunteers from Fahan Presbyterian Church, friends and by members of CEF Christian Youth in Action. 
Christian Youth in Action (CYIA®) is a summer missions program developed and run by Child Evangelism Fellowship staff and volunteers.  Students learn how to effectively share the Gospel message with boys and girls at the week-long training school and teach 5-Day Clubs in their local areas during the summer.  CYIA gives students many opportunities to witness the miracle of salvation that takes place in children who hear and receive the Good News. 
1 This WEB link is to just one example of the work of CYIA (but not the location of those who helped at Fahan.

Thank You to the HolidayBible Club leaders. Thank you to all who helped make the Club (associated with the photographs immediately below and above this note) such a success.
THe fourteen leaders included: Aoife Ferguson, Linda Lamberton, Roberta Jones, Margaret Ferguson, Claire Lamberton, Stephen ferguson, Michelle Murphy, Sam, Ben, Roslyn, Audrey Stewart, Rachel Glenn, Gareth  Lambertonand Christopher lamberton. Thank you also to all the parents and of course most importantly over thirty enthusiastic children. Thank you to all.
Mars Bars, biscuits and orange juice during the craft work.
It was never like this at school. Orange juice, biscuits and Mars Bars while completing the work books and crafts.

Singing is an important part of the Holiday Bible Club
Guitar and keyboard help support the singing and action songs.

Not as easy as it looks to get the ball in the basin when you answer the Bible quiz.
When you answer the quiz question (based on the Bible story) all you have to do is throw a ball into the yelow basin. It turns out not to be as easy as it looks. Some of the bigger peole just could not get it. Sometimes the basin was in front of the leader, next on her head and then behind her back. Great excitement for everyone watching.

 Parachute game is a favourite with the children
We will sleep sound tonight.

Holiday Bible Club Books on Stall
Good books are are core part of the week.

Holiday Bible Club stall
Work books are provided to every child attending.

Titlesof books on the table above and below in the photographs include:
The Bible
Jesus Story
No Boys Allowed
Shine on Girl
I am welcome
My very own Bible
Abraham. The friend of God
Why do I do the things the way I do
My special helper
What is prayer
Growing Jesus' Way
Table Talk. Comings and Goings "3"
The Bible, NIV
Holy Bible, New Living Translation, self help edition.God and Me
A devotional Bible for kids, my first message. The Message, Eugene Peterson.
I'll Pray Anyway
Peter the Fisher of Men. Elrose Hunter and Simon Smith, puzzle book.
God and me
Bible Answers for Mothers
Bible Answers for Fathers
Swimming against the Tide, Joni Eareckson Tada
An Adventure Begins, Hudson Taylor by Catherine Mackenzie
Under Pressure, how to avoid getting squashed by stress. Claire Pedrick & Andy Morgan
Daniel the Lion Tamer by Elrose Hunter and Simon Smith, puzzle book.
Joseph the Incredible Dreamer by Elrose Hunter and Simon Smith, puzzle book.

Holiday Bible Club crafts
Time for stretching the brain on the work books.

Holiday Bible Club singing
Singing action songs and music are always a highlight of the Holiday Bible Club.

HBC fun and learning
For one song we stand up and sit down for alternative verses. Quite tiring when we are also singing.

HBC Helpers
Parents and helpers cars only take up a little space leaving plenty of room for games on the grass areas and the remainder of the car park.

HBC Literature
Books on heroes of the Bible.


HBC Not all hard work
Good fun and good teaching over five packed days.
The leaders relaxing against the wall look like their role may not be as exhausting as that of full time teaching!

HBC wall display
The children have the opportunity to select their favourite chorus to sing from this Powerpoint display projected on the wall.

HBC Welcome poster
In addition to the Holiday Bible Club which is for one week during the summer, children have the opportunity to come to the "Rainbow Club" which meets weekly over the Winter.