Loc8 Address System for Ireland

Loc8 Codes are the first and only All-Ireland Digital Address Code which is a smarter form of postcode. You can now easily find an exact location anywhere on the island of Ireland.

Loc8 Codes can be for your business, your house, your caravan site or even the location of your boot sale or rugby pitch.

Using Loc8 Codes

Getting Started

Getting a Loc8 Code for your home or your business is completely FREE

In all cases, to start using Loc8 Codes on a SatNav, you must first get a Loc8 Code for your destination or your client.

NB - The occupier or manager of the destination is best to create a Loc8 Code as they know exactly where they are. Anyone can create a Loc8 Code for their own property/location Here  (Loc8 Codes are not just for properties: you can create a Loc8 Code for any location i.e. features, delivery points, Rendezvous Points, Entrances, Events, Car Boot Sales, Mobile Services etc)

Loc8 On Garmin SatNavs

At Present Garmin has fully implemented  Loc8 Codes on all new Garmin 12xx, 13xx and 14xx series of SatNav's from August 2010. An update to these devices which were already sold previously is available as normal from “myDashboard” on the Garmin site and an unlock for the Loc8 Code functionality is available Here on this site. If you purchased a Garmin Nuvi 12xx, 13xx or 14xx before 1st June 2010, a fee for unlocking the Loc8 Code functionality will be charged. Loc8 Code functionality for other new and existing Garmin models will come available over the period late summer/autumn 2010. If you wish to register your interest in having Loc8 Codes on a particular Garmin Model – please tell us on the Feedback Form on the About Us page here

Loc8 on Non Garmin SatNavs

Loc8 Codes will become available on other Manufacturer’s devices – SatNavs and GPS Enabled Handset – from Autumn 2010. If you have specific device that you would like to see Loc8 Codes on, please let us know using the Feedback Form on the About Us page here

Loc8 Codes on Your PC

We have developed a plug application called Micr8 which when installed on your PC will allow you to select and right click on what appears to be a Loc8 Code and view it on our web map. Micr8 maps Loc8 Codes in: Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Internet Explorer – Micr8 for Firefox is also available. You can download Micr8 here

Loc8 Codes On the Web

If you want to see a Loc8Code that someone has given you on a map – then enter it into the box provide on the “Map Loc8 Code” page here
Alternatively, for a quick way to see a Loc8 Code on the map – just type our website into any browser  and add the loc8code to the end e.g. for our office: www.loc8code.com/W8L-82-4YK and it will take to the location on the map – a form of url based geotagging!!! If you want to show your map location on your website or in your e-mail signature block – no need for complicated code just add www.loc8code.com/XXX-XX-XXX

NB - displaying your own Loc8 Code on a website or anywhere on line or in print is not a problem – however if  you wish to publish any list/document online or in print which contains multiple Loc8 Codes – then there will be a small related licensing fee – please contact us for details - info@loc8code.com

Loc8 Codes on Other Websites/Mobile Applications/PC Based Software

The Loc8 Code capability may be licensed for any purpose – auctioneer sites, web retail order forms, travel sites, client or order management systems, accountancy packages, logistics and asset tracking applications etc ;-  and are immediately available from July 2010. For Details just contact us at info@loc8code.com

How to Use Loc8 Codes on a Garmin Nuvi 12xx, 13xx or 14xx Series SatNav

Scenario: You are heading to Carrigaline in Cork for a wedding and you have booked into the Carrigaline Court Hotel in the town.

Personnel in the Hotel have already visited www.loc8code.com and used the “Get your Loc8 Code” Page  to find the Loc8 Code  for the Hotel.

The kind Lady at Reception in the hotel has e-mailed you the Hotel's Loc8 Code - it is WBN-90-58G and she called it out to you on the phone as Whiskey Bravo November  Dash Nine Zero Dash Five Eight Golf

Before you ever put it into a SatNav you can visit  http://www.loc8code.com/ and select the option to  “Map Loc8 Code” and view exactly where the hotel is and make a mental plan as to how to get there. You can also type www.loc8code.com/WBN-90-58G into your web browser and you will see the location on a map straight away.

Tip: When you are looking at the map on our website at any time – you can do the following:

  • Left Click anywhere on the Map and Hold down the mouse button and pull the map around the screen to “PAN” the map; - letting go of the mouse button when you see the area you want

  • Double Click the mouse button when pointing top any point on the map to zoom to that point. You can also use the slider bar top left of the map area to zoon in or out.

  • A single Click of the mouse button on any point will move the red marker to that point.

  • The red marker is used to indicate something is not yet allocated a Loc8 Code.
  • The Orange Pin with the 8 Logo is used to indicate a location which has been allocated a Loc8 Code.


Now you can use the Loc8 Code on our SatNav.

From 12th July 2010 Loc8 Codes can be used on Garmin 12xx, 13xx and 14xx series SatNavs. If the functionality is not on your SatNav you can upgrade the software for free here: Once the software has been updated, if your device was purchased with Ireland UK mapping preloaded, then you can unlock the Loc8 Code functionality here There will be an unlock fee for units purchased before 1st June 2010.

Where To: With the Loc8 Code functionality unlocked, switch the SatNav on and Tap the "Where to?" option as normal and then Tap the “Address” Option then Select the Spell Postal Code Option. You will see that you now have an option to ENTER A Loc8 Code. In Northern Ireland bot the BT postcode and the Loc8 Code are supported simultaneously in the same entry Box


You may now enter the Loc8 Code for the Carrigaline Court Hotel as shown.
Tip: If you leave out the Dash “-“ between Loc8 Code elements – the system will automatically enter them.
Tip: If you have read the Loc8 Code from handwriting and you have incorrectly interpreted it – then the Loc8 Code is self checking and will prompt to correct most likely errors.


Now Tap the Done Button on the bottom right of the screen.  
The Loc8 Code has now been converted to coordinates and displayed on the map with the nearest address elements shown so that if you have made a major error, it will be immediately obvious.  


Tip:  You can zoom in/out using the "+" and "-" options on the screen and you can pull the map around the screen with your finger.
If you are now happy you can Tap the "Go!" option and be voice guided to the location.
If the Code has been created correctly then the SatNav will advise you as you arrive whether the destination is on the Left or the Right.



Instructions For First Time Users

Please read these instructions first before looking for your Loc8 Code and especially if you are using this website for the first time.

Purpose Of Getting a Loc8 Code

Loc8 Codes are a new FREE all Ireland Digital Address Code and a smarter form of postcode….. Loc8 Codes cover all of the island of Ireland – North and South.

The purpose of getting a Loc8 Code on this site is to allow property owners/occupiers to generate codes for properties/locations they are 100% sure of. In this way, when a Loc8 is communicated to others, they can find that location with speed and certainty.

NB - You should not create a Loc8 code for a location you are not certain of. Normally you would ask someone at the destination you are traveling to or someone who is 100% certain of its location, to generate a code and pass it to you.

At Loc8 Code we do not ask you to put in an address and automatically deliver you a Loc8 Code… Why? – because:

  • There are too many inconsistencies with addresses and address locations in Ireland – 40% of all addresses are repeated somewhere else – close by and elsewhere also.

  • Address Databases only contain property addresses and Loc8 Codes are not just for properties – they are for any location that someone may require to locate and navigate to

  • If we were to deliver you a Loc8 Code for an address you entered – you would not be able to correct errors in the address database.

  • For a single multi-occupancy building, even though the address may be the same for all occupiers, we allow you vary the Loc8 Code for different building entrances.

  • New properties/locations may not be catered for

The main purpose of www.loc8code.com is to provide users with a Loc8 Code which will precisely indicate the location of any place that you decide to get a Loc8 Code for.  A Loc8 Code will enable emergency services and other users who use the code to find your location more quickly than when an address only is being used. This will be possible either by viewing the Loc8 Code on our web map for planning or using it within a SatNav. Loc8 Code capability is now available on Garmin Nuvi 12xx, 13xx and 14xx series SatNav Systems with preloaded mapping which cover s Ireland and the UK and it will be advanced to other Garmin SatNav models and other manufacturers systems over a period of months from 12th July 2010.
To create a new Loc8 Code you will be guided through a couple of steps, where  you will need to fill in the address details of your property or any intended location (property, feature, event, spot, Point Of Interest) and indicate the  position of it on a map.

What Location to Mark for Your Loc8 Code

Remember: creating a Loc8 Code is for someone who is 100% certain of the exact location of the property, event or feature  – ask your client or destination owner/manager to create one and give it to you. It will save you time and fuel when getting there. Creating a Loc8 Code only takes few minutes and only has to be done once.

A standard Property: If you are marking a standard property (house, shop etc) with a single occupant and with one only main entrance then you should create a Loc8 Code for the centre of the property (the main building itself).

A Property With Multiple Entrances : If you are marking a large property with multiple occupants and multiple entrances, then you should Mark a point within the walls of the building but adjacent to the entrance that persons should use.

A Feature : Features are non properties/buildings such as amusement parks, sports grounds, historic ruins, a berth at a marina, a park, a meeting point, the parking site of a mobile clinic, an ATM machine, a post box, a car park and many others. These are also referred to as Points of Interest. Depending on type, you should get a Loc8 Code for either the exact location for an object or a point just about 20 metres inside the access point from the nearest mapped public road if it is an area.

An Event: Events are essentially temporary locations for which a Loc8 Code is to be generated. An event may be a music festival, a car boot sale, a wedding, a ploughing championships or Yacht racing event and many other possibilities. Events may be associated with buildings, in which case the normal property Loc8 Code can be used. If an event is not associated with a property and is an outdoor temporary site, then a Loc8 Code for a point approximately 20 metres inside the main access of the nearest mapped public road should be marked.

Map Detail

In delivering Loc8 Codes, we are focused on providing precise and reliable codes in order to save time and money finding places in all of Ireland;  both North and South. For this reason, we have licensed Ordnance Survey Mapping from Ordnance Survey Ireland and Ordnance Survey Northern Ireland data from Land & Property Services in Northern Ireland. For the first time, these two sets of map data are brought together in one place to serve our needs. Unlike other web map services, Ordnance survey mapping gives consistent detailed map coverage over the whole island of Ireland without any gaps.  This means that you will be able to create a Loc8 Code equally well in rural Ireland as well as in urban areas.

Entering Your Address: To commence getting a Loc8 Code you will be required to first enter your address.

In the top box enter only the following:


Property Name, Block ID, Flat or Apartment Number, Room Number or any other building related sub designation.

NB -  Do Not Enter a Property Number In this box.

In the Address Box itself enter:


The full normal postal address exactly as you would on an envelope or a package i.e. line over line, pressing the return button between. Using a comma between elements of the address are optional.  You must however enter the County. For Northern Ireland, a BT postcode may also be entered as normal.

Finding Your Property/Location on the Map: Once you have entered the address of the desired location in full, then click the search button and the map will pan to the address location.

  • 40% of all Irish addresses are not unique

  • Vanity addresses are widely used

  • Postal (Post Sorting and Delivery) addresses do not always correspond to the physical address

  • There are local inconsistencies in spelling some place names – Irish V English language

  • New properties/addresses may not yet be in the address database

..it will be the case that your exact location may not be pointed to on the map immediately. You will therefore be required to pan and zoom to find your exact location and mark it before clicking on “Get my Loc8 Code”.
To work the map you should understand the following:

  • Left Click anywhere on the Map and Hold down the mouse button and pull the map around the screen to “PAN” the map; - letting go of the mouse button when you see the area you want

  • Double Click the mouse button when pointing top any point on the map to zoom to that point. You can also use the slider bar top left of the map area to zoon in or out.

  • A single Click of the mouse button on any point will move the red marker to that point.

  • The red marker is used to indicate something is not yet allocated a Loc8 Code

  • The Orange Pin with the 8 Logo is used to indicate a location which has been allocated a Loc8 Code.

You must zoom to the full map zoom level and click onto the location you want to mark it. When you use a single click, the red pointer will move to the point clicked. For map licensing reasons, you will not be able to pull the map across the screen when you are at the maximum zoom level. Use the Map Slider bar on the top left hand corner of the map to zoom back out again if required.
When marking a point, if you need to gauge distance, there is a scale bar in the top right hand corner of the map panel itself.

Opting to Validate and Commence Managing Your Code

After clicking on “Get my Loc8 Code”,  your Loc8 Code will be immediately displayed. At that point, your code is un-validated as it has not been checked. To be able to validate your code and to start managing the code itself by editing related detail, adding business information, adding related features and progressing the Loc8 Code to a trusted 5 star rating, you will be asked to provide an e-mail address. This is so that we can prove that you are not a malicious web application. Your e-mail address will only be used for matters related to Loc8 Codes and will not be shared with anyone else.
If you chose this option, you will be sent an e-mail and invited to follow a link to commence confirming your Code and adding additional elements. Once you have followed the link and confirmed your Loc8 Code, you will be able to enter and manage your code at any time thereafter.
Our Privacy Policy is viewable on the site and we assure full protection of email details submitted. Loc8 Codes and e-mail addresses will never be listed together except those related to businesses.
If you choose not to Start Managing your Loc8 Code then this is no problem. However, you will not be able to edit or manage your code without returning to the site within a short period afterwards and going to the “Validate my Code” option on the top menu bar. Be sure to note your Loc8 Code before you laeve as you will not be able to retrieve it again afterwards unless you remember it.

Data Security & Use

Data filled in and submitted by you when getting your Loc8 Code is kept in a secure password protected database. No data will be passed to third parties, except in the case where that has been agreed to by the user in the completion of the Loc8 Code generation process. No personal data will be passed to third parties under any circumstances i.e. eMail addresses.

Address and Loc8 Code data may be passed to Emergency services. You can see the full detail of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy Here: If you have difficulties at any stage you can e-Mail support@loc8code.com

We strongly advise that you do not give your full Loc8 Code associated with your name or personal details on any social networking or publicly accessible website. For this purpose we would strongly suggest using the “Zone” only element of the Loc8 Code – i.e. the first 3 Characters which only defines an area of about 3.5 square kilometers and an individual property cannot be identified using this truncated version. You should only give your full Loc8 Code with your address or other personal details to trusted persons and on trusted websites such as well known web retail sites which have a clearly understood privacy policy etc.


Enter an existing Loc8 Code To View it On The Map

This can be done on the “Map Loc8 Code” Page on the site

Entry Form: The form on this page allows the user to enter an existing Loc8 Code from any source and view it on a map.  This is useful to find locations before you travel or to help sort goods for delivery. The user can view the following:

  • The exact location of a full 8 Character Loc8 Code

  • The area around a 120 meter “Locality” defined by the first and last 3 characters (6 charters) of the Loc8 Code. A Loc8 “Locality” is achieved by dropping the numbers in the middle (between the dashes) of a full Loc8 Code

  • The centre of 3.5 km square “Zone” defined by the first 3 characters only of the Loc8 Code.

You should note about a Loc8 Code that:

  • The first character is always a letter

  • The letters “o” “i” or “u”  are not used in any place in the code

  • The 4th and 5th  (middle) characters are always numbers (never letters)

  • The 8th Character checks all the previous characters and will offer corrections if mistakes are made.

  • Dashes must always be entered in the correct places in the code.

Disclaimer: Because a Loc8 Code can be created from trusted and precise Ordnance Survey Map detail, its accuracy should always be consistent with the accuracy of the Loc8 Code calculation itself i.e. +/- 6 metre accuracy approx.

However, we accept no responsibility for problems caused in using Loc8 Codes as a result of occasional errors in the mapping, errors made by the person who created the code in the first place or position calculation errors that are normally associated with GPS or other position calculation devices.

Loc8 Code Ltd has no control over the capability and accuracy of the GPS, SatNav or other device that a Loc8 Code is used on and all the manufacturer’s cautions should be adhered to.

Loc8 Code Ltd accepts no liability whatsoever related to the use of  Loc8 Codes.

Copyright, Patent, Trademarks

Loc8 Code is the property of Loc8 Code Ltd and all rights with respect to its use are reserved. The Loc8 Code algorithm enjoys full copyright protection and may not be used/copied/modified or otherwise subjected to any interpretation by anyone without licensed permission by Loc8 Code Ltd.  The normal use of a calculated Loc8 Code by individuals is free. However, a list of multiple Loc8 Codes published in print or on the web is subject to a license requirement. Please Contact info@loc8code.com if you require further info.

Loc8 Codes and its related delivery method and error checking is patent pending.
The usual trademark protection also applies.



Frequently Asked Questions


What Are Loc8 Codes?

  • Loc8 Codes are an All-Ireland Digital Address Code – a smarter form of Postcode for a modern age. Loc8 codes are built to suit web mapping and popular mobile navigation orientated devices. 

Will Loc8 Codes be the National Postcode ?

  • A national Postcode solution was proposed by the Government in 2005 for completion by Jan 2008 and is now more than 2 years overdue. Recently a further set of consultants were appointed to assist the Government in its decision making.

  • We are willing to work with the Government to implement Loc8 Codes as a National System if required and Loc8 Codes (formerly know as PON Codes) are the type of solution recently recommended in the Oireachtas Postcodes Report published in April 2010.

  • Loc8 Codes are to Postcodes what a Computer is  to an Abacus – they will do the postcode requirements but a lot smarter and with a lot more technical capabilities to suit modern popular technologies. Loc8 Codes can solve the problems associated  a traditional postcode in Northern Ireland and if the Irish Government wishes to avoid the same problems and offer much wider capabilities, then they can adopt Loc8 Codes as a National System.

 Why are Loc8 Codes 8 Characters ?

  • Zip Codes in the USA can be up to 11 characters long and Loc8 Codes are quite a bit shorter. UK postcodes are normally 7 characters but you also have to add a property number on SatNavs to navigate to a particular property – this could mean using up to 9 characters if it is a 2 digit property number. Irish people have been trying to use Latitude and Longitude and Grid Coordinates to enter on SatNavs for several years now and these are too long at 14 or 11 characters respectively at a minimum and they are not concatenated to help identify areas.

  •  To define locations to an accuracy of between +/- 4 and 6 metres, at least 7 characters are required. Loc8 Codes are, in fact, 7 characters but because our solution will be used in safety critical and cost saving applications we have added an 8th character to help identify if an error is made by the user, particularly when it comes to reading from hand writing.

  • A shorter Code would mean less accuracy and less usefulness for location and navigation.

  • A Loc8 Code can be used in Zone (3 Character) and Locality (6 Character) truncated formats for non precise location functions such as social networking and general administration.

  • This is the result of 4 years research and 2 years of field testing. We have organised the code into concatenated groups so that it can be remembered in groups and each group represents a specific area. For web based social networking purposes, we allow private users drop the middle 2 characters ( the bit between the dashes) to just define a Locality with 6 characters in order to protect privacy. Through our website we will automatically send Loc8 Codes to users by e-mail to help them store and retrieve if forgotten.

  • There may be copycat systems that appear, if they are not 8 characters they are not Loc8 Codes. (Not 8 is Not Great) Loc8 Codes are always alphanumeric (they can never be all numbers or all letters), the middle characters are always numbers, the first character is always a letter and if you put the code in on our website www.loc8code.com  it will tell you if it is a real Loc8 Code and if you have made a mistake with a character; then in many cases it will suggest what that mistake might be.

  • Loc8 Codes are different to any other postcode used globally. Postcodes are pre web mapping and SatNav technology that were only designed for sorting mail. Loc8 Codes are designed for modern technologies with modern navigation requirements as supported by the multitude of new mobile devices but they can also be used as postcodes.

  • Unlike other post coding methods – Loc8 Codes never have to be added to or changed as building and population densifies. By having 8 characters no matter how much densification occurs no characters will ever have to be added or no code will ever need to change.


Why Do the Codes Not use County or Town Names ?

  • Loc8 Codes are designed to be used in conjunction with traditional addresses not as a replacement for them. A Loc8 Code will always be used in conjunction with a full address containing town, townland and county information so there is no need to include these in the Code itself.

  • The Loc8 Code is designed to support the continued use of traditional Irish addresses. Loc8 Codes are an enhancement not a replacement.

  • Loc8 Codes aim to define locations as accurately as possible in as few characters as possible. Using placename information in the code itself would add considerably to the length of the code.

  • Loc8 Codes are designed to be language independent. If placename elements were added to the Codes they would have to support two languages, thereby causing confusion. With a Loc8 Code, both English and Irish versions of addresses can be used and the Loc8 Code will still function as required.

  • We have designed Loc8 Codes in every way possible to encourage continued use of traditional and historic addresses right across the island of Ireland. In fact when you enter a Loc8 Code on a SatNav, the SatNav will give the nearest known address information so as to directly support wider knowledge of our unique and historic addressing system.

Will An Post use Loc8 Codes ?

  • Loc8 Codes are for everyone to use. An Post will decide themselves if they wish to use Loc8 Codes. They will have the following benefits to An Post.

    • Loc8 Codes can be created for new properties even before they are built. By using a Loc8 Code, An Post can deliver to brand new properties without the delay that would normally be associated with adding a new estate to their system.

    • Whilst postmen know their routes intimately, if a new postman takes over a new route due to retirement or illness or if a route is reorganised, the normal learning period for postmen can be significantly reduced by the use of Loc8 Codes.

    • Where addresses are written correctly and legibly, An Post can sort most mail with their current technology. However, if used with an address on letters and packages Loc8 Codes will help to resolve ambiguity for An Post where the address is not written correctly or if partially illegible – thereby improving efficiency.

    • In all of the above cases no new sorting technology would be required, just a SatNav in each vehicle and access to the Loc8 Code website in the sorting office.

    • An Post has a National Address Database in the form of the GeoDirectory. The GeoDirectory can only resolve non unique addressing by use of Grid coordinates. Grid coordinates are not supported by most SatNavs or understood by many users. By calculating Loc8 Codes from the Grid Coordinates and adding these to the GeoDirectory, all non unique addresses are resolved and more commercial GeoDirectory clients can use SatNavs to navigate to any addresses contained in the database

  • Loc8 Code Ltd is willing to work with the Government to implement Loc8 Codes as a National Postcode system. An Post has publicly stated that it will be at the centre of any new postcode for Ireland.


Will Loc8 Codes be available on other SatNavs ?

  • Over a period of 2 years, we have worked with Garmin to develop and test PON Codes for final release as Loc8 Codes. Garmin is the most popular SatNav product across the island of Ireland and understands the particular issues with using their SatNavs here.

  • We are delighted to have been supported by Garmin this far and to be releasing Loc8 Codes in conjunction with them. However Loc8 Codes will not restricted to Garmin alone and they will be available within a short time to anyone who wishes to use them.  Loc8 Codes are also available to web e-commerce sites to help guarantee delivery times and reduce carriage costs to purchasers.

Are there Data Protection Issues related to Loc8 Codes?

  • Loc8 Codes do not contain personal information. When a domestic Loc8 Code is generated we do not ask for personal information except an e-mail address which will only be used for the following purposes:

    • To automatically send an email to the user confirming the Loc8 Code and asking them to authenticate the Code as a genuine one. This will then allow the user password protected access to maintain the code generated.

    • It will allow us communicate with parties if a property is sold to ensure that the new owner can maintain the code.

    • Personal E-mail address are not displayed at any point publicly. Loc8 Codes may be communicated to third parties by the users themselves and with their permission by Loc8. Private users are advised to use Zone and Locality truncated forms of the Loc8 Code if publishing their Loc8 Codes on web services such as for social networking purposes to protect their privacy.

    • E-mail addresses will not be passed to 3rd parties and will only be used to communicate with users on matters relating to the maintenance and use of their Loc8 Codes.

  • Data protection precautions in keeping with Irish Law are complied with. Our data protection policy is communicated on the www.loc8code.com website and we fully welcome any related queries at any point.

Loc8 Codes are not needed in Northern Ireland, they already have a Postcode !

  • Loc8 Code Ltd already has clients in Northern Ireland who wish to use Loc8 Codes in addition to the BT postcode because they are more precise.

  • Both in Northern Ireland and in the Republic, to make a system like the UK postcode function correctly, every road must have a name and every property must be given a number. This has not been achieved fully in Northern Ireland and is unlikely to ever fully achievable in the Republic either. For this reason the Northern Irish Postcode does not always function as well as it was originally intended. Loc8 Codes solve these problems without needing to alter traditional addresses.

  • Traditional postcodes such as those used in the UK or in Northern Ireland only function for properties. If you wish to locate and navigate to a non property such as outdoor events, mobile libraries or clinics, bus stops, taxi ranks or a particular entrance to property or a building then only Loc8 Codes can support this modern requirement for both vehicle or pedestrian navigation using SatNavs or GPS enabled mobile devices.

How Much do Loc8 Codes Cost?

  • Individual Loc8 Codes are FREE to generate. It costs nothing to visit our website and generate a Loc8 Code for a single property. It equally costs nothing to use a Loc8 Code on a Satnav as long as the SatNav supports Loc8 Codes or has been brought up to date to activate them.

  • Commercial users who wish to generate multiple codes on a daily basis will be supported by a specialist solution which will have a related charge.

  • As time progresses additional paid for services to assist users get additional functionality from Loc8 Codes will be added but generating a single Loc8 Code will always be free of charge.

  • Software developers or owners of e-commerce sites are invited to contact us to agree a suitable license for the inclusion and support of Loc8 Codes in their products.

Everyone is using Google Maps these days  - why are you using Ordnance Survey Mapping ?

  • We will endeavour to work with Google on an ongoing basis to overlay Loc8 Codes onto their mapping for users if required.

  • However, Loc8 Codes are concerned with generating very precise codes for both properties and non properties. To do this, very detailed mapping is required. At this point Google has not achieved the consistent level of high level detail across the whole island of Ireland that is required. Both the Ordnance Survey of Ireland and Land and Property Services in  Northern Ireland with their Ordnance Survey Of  Northern Ireland map data have the consistent high accuracy detail that we currently require and they have a Government mandate to keep the detail up to date on an ongoing basis.

  • We have worked with OSI in the Republic and Land and Property Services in Northern Ireland to put together the first all Ireland ordnance survey seamless dataset on the web. Both organisations have been cooperating for a long number of years and have jointly supported a common Irish Grid system and common mapping campaigns across the island. We are delighted to be working with them

  • The resulting web mapping capability can be used to support other applications and anyone with specific requirements should contact us to organise.

  • With Loc8 Codes, our emphasis is on guaranteeing the accuracy of our codes and using our mapping and our web service we can advise users on the accuracy of any code generated by the use of our unique Validation star ratings. By entering a code on our site you will be advised on a scale of 0-5 how accurate it is likely to be. The Government Ordnance Survey Mapping we are using will allow us to do this and help ensure that users of Loc8 Codes can do so with absolute confidence that they are going to be able to Locate and Navigate to their exact destination.

  • Anyone wishing to build applications to use Loc8 Codes in conjunction with Google mapping should just contact us at any time to organise.

 Can Loc8 Codes be Copied ?

  • The Loc8 Code solution, including the web service and related mapping may not be copied.

  • Loc8 Codes are copyright and Trademark protected. Loc8 Codes, in conjunction with our website, our mapping service, our Validation process and other related navigation technologies are also the subject of an international patenting process.

  • Loc8 Code Ltd and its international technology partners will take all necessary legal steps to protect their rights to Loc8 Codes and related technologies and services.

How can the Loc8 Code for an apartment in a tower block be created ?

  • A Loc8 Code will identify individual tower blocks. This will allow a user to navigate to the correct block. The Loc8 Code will them be used in conjunction with a normal address with apartment/office number etc to identify the floor and individual rooms within the block. Loc8 Codes are always intended to be used in conjunction with normal addresses.

  • The specification and design of the Loc8 Code allows for a floor denominator to be added at the end of the code. This is optional but as long as the Loc8 Code is used in conjunction with a normal address as recommended, navigation to an individual tower block and then to an individual room within the block will always be possible.

 Can someone make up a Loc8 Code and pretend it refers to a real location ?

  • A genuine Loc8 Code will have been generated within our map service on our website and by entering it there, you will be advised if it is genuine or otherwise.

  • There are many rules and calculations associated with generating a Loc8 Code from a map location. If a Code does not conform to these rules it is not genuine and when you enter it on the website, you will be told why it is not real.

  • When entered on SatNav you will also be told if it is real or not. In addition on a Satnav the nearest main address elements will be shown on the screen and if they do not conform with the address you wish to navigate to, it will be obvious at that point that there is a problem with the code.

  • Either on the web or on a SatNav if there is an error with the code because of difficulties in reading hand writing, then suggested corrections will be made.

  • When communicating Loc8 Codes verbally, the phonetic alphabet should be used to avoid confusion.

How can you visually recognise a genuine Loc8 Code ?

  • The full 8 character Loc8 Code will always be alphanumeric – i.e. at least 2 numbers and at least 2 letters. – It will never be all numbers and it will never be all letters

  • The Code will be 3 characters dash 2 characters dash 3 characters

  • The first character will always be a letter.

  • The middle 2 characters between the dashes will always be numbers.

  • The letters H,  I, O and U never appear in the code

  • A and E only appear where words cannot be spelled

  • 0 and 1 are only used where they cannot be mistaken for an O or an I and a word mistakenly assumed.

  • G is only used in the first character

  • C is not used as a first character

  • The 8th character defines checks the rest of the code and can identify user errors.

If you have an address database with Lat/Long or Grid x y, coordinates do you have to put them in one by one on the website to get Loc8 Codes for each?

  • No  - please contact us for software which will do the calculations for you.

  • You can also arrange a license to include the Loc8 Code calculation into your existing software or database.

  • If you have purchased the GeoDircetory from An Post – we can provide you with an application to convert all entries to Loc8 Codes.

 Why do you not just use the GeoDirectory to generate a Loc8 Code for each property in the country and send it to each property owner?

  • We do not wish to impose a Loc8 Code on any property owner. It is your decision if you wish to create one or not.

  • For best accuracy it is best that the property owner creates the Loc8 Code themselves.

  • The Geodirectory only supports properties. You may wish to generate a Loc8 Code for non properties such as for car boot sales, outdoor events, bus stops, taxi ranks, boat or ship berths etc and the GeoDirectory would not be of any use for this.

  • You may also wish to create Loc8 Codes for secondary entrances to sites and properties, the GeoDircetory would not be of any use for this purpose either.

  • Ordnance Survey Mapping is a major part of helping to create the GeoDircetory and we are using the same mapping

  • By using Ordnance Survey Mapping you can Loc8 the site of a new house which has not yet appeared in the GeoDirectory.

  • For those who have purchased the GeoDirectory from An Post, we can also supply software to convert GeoDirectory addresses to Loc8 Codes.

How accurate are Loc8 Codes?

  • We use Ordnance Survey mapping for the island of Ireland to assist users create Loc8 Codes as accurately as possible for the Location they wish to pinpoint.

  • Every Loc8 Code created is on average accurate to +/- 6 metres. This is accurate enough to generate a Loc8 Code to within most property boundaries in the country. However, when navigating, SatNav and GPS users should remember that these may only be accurate to between 10 and 20 metres depending on satellite conditions.

Were Loc8 Codes PON Codes before?

  • The term PON Codes was used as a working name for the beta test version of Loc8 Codes. PON Codes have remained in Beta test on irishpostcodes.ie since June 2008. They have been developed over 4 years and tested with Garmin for 2. As a result of field testing, adjustments were made to add to the reliability and capability of PON Codes.

  • Now that PON Codes are fully released and supported on SatNavs they are referred to as Loc8 Codes.

  • Previously created PON Codes must be recalculated using our Map service to create Loc8 Codes. This is to ensure the additional accuracy of Ordnance Survey Mapping is used to generate the Loc8 Code.

  • If organisations have multiple PON Codes that require conversion please contact us for assistance at info@loc8code.com.

 Do Web Retail Order Forms Support Loc8 Code

  • We are currently working with Courier firms and Web Retailers to ensure that Loc8 Codes are fully supported.

  • If a web retailer supports Loc8 Codes this will result in couriers being able to deliver to all locations and within a predictable timescale.


How to Communicate Loc8 Codes

To Use in an Address:
In an address the Loc8 Code should be written following the County name as follows:


GPS House
Church Bay Road
Cork W8L-82-4YK

It may be used in addition to the Dublin Postal Area as follows:

O’ Connell Street
Dublin 1, NP6-15-7BJ

In Northern Ireland

274 Coast Road
Larne BT40 2QZ,
Co. Antrim DD7-23-F53
Northern Ireland

A Loc8 Code cannot be confused with a Northern Ireland Postcode as BT cannot occur as the first 2 characters in a Loc8 Code.


To use a Loc8 Code as a Map Reference on a website or in your address block on your eMail:

Just type or create a hyperlink as follows for the GPO in Dublin :

To Communicate a Loc8 Code Verbally:

If you are communicating your Loc8 Code verbally over the phone, please note that the phonetic alphabet displayed below, or your own version of it, should be used to avoid mistakes:
For example if the Loc8 Code is W8L-82-4YK it would be verbally communicated as
"Whiskey Eight Lima Dash Eight Two Dash Four Yankee Kilo"

A – Alpha
B – Bravo
C- Charlie
D- Delta
G- Golf
J – Juliet
K – Kilo
L- Lima
M – Mike
N – November
P – Papa
Q- Quebec
R- Romeo
S- Sierra
T – Tango
V- Victor
W – Whiskey
X- Xray
Y- Yankee
Z-  Zulu

0 - Zero



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