Fahan Presbyterian Church

Jesus is Lord - Romans Chapter 10 v 9

Mr Jag, Christian Music Band

Note: MrJag ceased in June 2011.
A member of the Church at Fahan sang and played in the Christian music band MrJag.

MrJAG was a 3 piece Christian folk/rock band, who had a mission "to seek to 'show off' their saviour". They came together in the summer of 2005 and had been pedalling their acoustic wares across the province until they ceased in June 2011.

Below are details from when the band was active.
Mr Jag Christian Music Band, Donegal, Ireland

Stylistically the band draws from a number of influences, merging classic folk, rock and pop idioms creating a unique style that is all their own. Their songs draw from life experience, and although they may be familiar in form and structure there is a poetic furnace at their heart that draws the listener into an intimate experience, where the band hope they will meet with not just performer, but creator. Mr JAG are not shy about their faith – it permeates everything they do, despite this they fall long short of being ‘preachy’. They merely represent an honest attempt at being solid ground in a music world dominated by superfluous materialistic imagery – and that is a refreshing thing.

Their first full length album; 'Time Captured Thoughts' was recorded in Einstein studios, Antrim. It shows bright horizons for these cutely entertaining, yet poetically honest young servants seeking to serve the King of Kings.

Click here to listen to Andrew Lamberton of MrJag singing St. Patrick's Breastplate at a Good Friday evening service in Fahan Presbyterian Church.