Fahan Presbyterian Church

Jesus is Lord - Romans 10: 9


Members have various opportunities to get involved in the work of the Church.
Church in the evening with the sun setting setting
The work is voluntary (same pay this year as last year) and of a servant nature for the overall good of the church at large. Any %increase on a salary of zero is still €0.
These satisfying opportunities include:
Donating flowers for the Sunday service.
Team Hope, Christmas Shoebox Appeal.  

CCL Licence register.
Family Fun Day.  

Joining the 
Crèche Rota.
Help with Audio Visual at the Sunday morning service.
Maintain the Church Notice Board.  
Favourite Bible Verses of Church members. 
Gifts of sweet pea for visitors.  

Tray bakes and brewing tea
Distribution of magazines and Bible Reading Notes
Assist as a leader in one of the organisations.
Maintaining the Library and free magazine displays
Training for a lifetime of ministry.

Willing helpers at an Easter Coffee Morning
When an event is over then all helpers are required for the clear up.

Missionary Work (for example CEF OR Donegal Exodus). 

Catching mice was Good Craic at the Drama night at Fahan
(well actually an actor at the Upper Cumber Community Drama Group)

Church Choir during the Christmas Craft Fayre
Volunteers are welcome to join the Church Choir.

Daffodils at Easter Service
Supply and arrange flowers from your garden.

A caretakers work is never done, Fahan in the snow
There is always work for the caretaker. Out early as the sun rises over hill spreading salt before the Sunday morning service at 10am. Biting cold outside but hopefully warm in the Church.

Choir in a happy mood at Childrens Day, Fahan.
Jobs include Sunday School teaching, helping in the Creche, praying for the young, preparing the children for Children's Day or as a parent reading Bible stories and praying with your children and bringing them to Church events.

Drama at an Easter Special Service
Take part in drama, poems or the Church Choir.

Cards for sale at the Easter Coffee Morning and Ca
Make cards to give to friends (they will really appreciate and be touched by your personal sacrifice). Alternatively the cards could be sold at a Church Coffee Morning or Craft Fayre.

Easter bunny shortbread made to a secret recipe
Make home made shortbread, cakes, bread or scones for Church events.

Easter Coffee morning Pricing the popular cakes
Help with pricing items at a Church sale.

 Poster for a Coffee Morning and Cake Sale
You could help with making posters and flyers for forthcoming events. Alternativelyou could  help with publicity for the newspapers or local radio.



Helpers taking a break during a clean-up of the Church Grounds
Ground cleaners on a break

Children on wall

Helpers with shovels and brushes

Helpers with excavator
The digger might help but the shovels and hard work are still needed.

Walking Group Kitchen fun
Why not provide tray bakes, make wheaten bread or preparing a desert for some of the Church events?

Walking Group washing dishes
Why not help with the dishes, you will find it very therapeutic?

Welcome notice board
Our notice board needs regular updating.