Fahan Presbyterian Church

Jesus is Lord - Romans Chapter 10 v 9

Peace III funding for Fahan

Fahan Presbyterian Church were delighted to have participated in a Peace III funded project. Our link person Seana Hume offered good advice and guided us along every step of the programme.

Click here for details on some local groups that took part in the project.

The project helped many of our organisations and improved our ability to be involved in the local community.

Benefits impacted on the whole Church including:
Youth Fellowship   
Christmas Craft Fayre  
Rainbow Club       
Catering facilities        
Jobs in general         

Peace III funding gave Fahan Presbyterian Church the ability to organise a Christmas Craft & Gift Fayre. The congregation and Church Hall Committee were delighted with the support of neighbours, friends and many from farther away. The funding to upgrade the kitchen equipment allowed members supply hot food and tea to the twenty five stall holders. Several hundred members of the public overcame slippery snow covered roads and paths to support the Fayre.

Fahan Presbyterian Christmas Craft Fayre in full swingThe Fayre was very well supported by the public who bought cakes and crafts before being served tea by the men and ladies of the Church.

 Charity stand with Tear Craft, Fair Trade hand made products.
Stalls included overseas Tradecraft products that helped to support other groups.

Lakeview Hospital stall at Fahan Craft Fayre

The buns, all homemade, are being served to stall holders from a local hospital selling crafts made by patients.

Packed, with hardly room to move at the Christmas Gift  Craft Fayre

Packed main hall with hardly room to move. The catering equipment is essential to help feed the visitors on a cold winter Saturday.

 Peace III funded cooker put to good use at the Craft Fayre
Stew, soup, tea, burgers all being heated on the new cooker supplied as part of the Peace III funding at the Fahan Presbyterian Church Craft Fayre. Hundreds relied on the cooker during the day.


All ages needed to operate the new Peace III funded equipment
The new water boilers never cooled all day as pot after pot of tea was made on the Peace III funded equipment.

All ages and skills needed for the Fahan Gift  Craft Fayre

Willing helpers from Fahan Presbyterian Church at the Christmas Cake and Craft Fayre with the Peace III funding plaque overhead.
Bird boxes were on sale along with a wide variety of crafts, paintings, jewellery, glass ware, wood turnings, potatoes, and much more.
Overhead you can see the Peace III funded sign showing that the very welcome financial and organisational support has been given to allow us run the Craft Fayre more effectively.

Logs for sale in euros or sterling by the Fahan young people

Would you like a bag of logs for €3? These willing helpers at the Fahan Christmas Cake and Craft Fayre will enthusiastically load them into your boot or arrange delivery to your house.

Snow on the day meant the Craft Fayre was in doubt.

People travelled from seventy miles to be at the Fahan Christmas Cake and Craft Fayre. Although bitterly cold and slippery outdoors, indoors the Peace III funded catering equipment provided warm refreshments for the visitors. The soup, stew, tray bakes and scones were all home made.