Fahan Presbyterian Church

Jesus is Lord - Romans 10: 9

Prayer for Work of Church at end of summer

It is traditional to have an hour of prayer in early September at the commencement of the winter work. One option we have followed is to set up mini prayer stations in various locations throughout the Church and the Hall.  Click here to see some 'Favourite Bible verses' of members of Fahan. 
Below are a few photographs of the prayer points stuck to the wall and some of those who attended a time of prayer.

Bible verse 1 Chronicles 16:11 to help those praying for Badminton Club, Bowls Club and Youth Club


Prayer topics for Presbyterian Women (PW).


1st Corinthians 14:15


Sunday afternoon time of prayer for all age groups.


Points to remember for Sunday School and Rainbow Club.


James Chapter 1 and verse 6.


Prayer topics for Youth Fellowship, Bible Study Group and Church Committee


Psalm 46:10


Time of prayer will be priceless.


Prayer topics for the Congregation (members of Fahan Presbyterian Church and sister Church - Waterside Presbyterian Church)


Philippians 4:6


Prayer topics for, Manse family, Praise Items,  Church Leadership and Mission Plan at the Sunday afternoon time of prayer.


2 Chronicles 7: 14 - 15.


Psalm 145: 18