Fahan Presbyterian Church

Jesus is Lord - Romans 10: 9

Saint Patrick

The Story of St. Patrick
This story was told at Fahan as part of the Children's Story at morning service:
St. Patrick was born in Wales in 387 A.D.
When he was young he was captured by a man known as Niall Naoi nGiallach, who brought him to Ireland and sold him to a farmer called Milchu.

At the farm young Patrick worked very hard, watching the sheep or pigs.

Patrick prayed every night. One night he heard a voice speaking to him. It was God telling him to leave Ireland.

Patrick travelled to France. It was a very difficult journey, but he survived.

Eventually he returned to Wales. He realised he wanted to return to Ireland to tell the people About Jesus. He studied the Bible so he would know it better.

Irish people did not really want to hear about Jesus, but they were impressed at the way Patrick knew their language, so they let him speak.

Patrick picked up a shamrock

How many leaves are there?" asked Patrick They all said three. Then Patrick asked how many seeds were needed to make it. Someone said one. Patrick said this was the same as the Blessed Trinity, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. A pagan priest said, "I will follow him".

Patrick stayed in Ireland for sixty years. He travelled to different places spread the word of God.

Patrick died on the 17th March, 493 A.D. , and his life is celebrated on this date throughout the world.

There is a famous story about St. Patrick, which tells of how he drove snakes out of Ireland and banished them forever.

Some people think that this story is really talking about the way St. Patrick managed to tell people about God and stop them becoming pagans.

There are a lot of stories about Saint Patrick that are told. Patrick is known as the patron Saint of Ireland.

The most important thing is Patrick obeyed the command to spread the Gospel. And Christians should do the same.


A Prayer for St Patrick's Day 

Today we claim the power of God to hold us and to lead us,

 His eye to watch us – His might to strengthen us,

 His ear to hear our needs – His wisdom to teach us,

 His hand to guide us – His shield to defend us,

 His Word to give us speech – His Spirit to move us.


Christ be with us, Christ within us, Christ behind us,

 Christ before us, Christ beside us, Christ to win us,

 Christ to comfort and restore us, Christ beneath us,

 Christ above us, Christ in the hearts of all that love us,

 Christ in the mouth of friends and strangers to us.


Jesus we cry out this St Patrick’s day for your Spirit to move through us,

 Jesus pour out your Spirit over our land again,

 Jesus rise up in us an adventurous spirit in how we share you with others,

 Jesus rise up in us an urgency and energy and wildness of passion for your name like that of St Patrick and our forefathers. 

Tiarna lig sé a bheith – LORD let it be – Amen
(The prayer was published on the 24-7 Prayer website)