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Strabane Presbyterian Church

Strabane Presbyterian Church

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1st Strabane Presbyterian Church history 1872 to 1938.  Details below.

1871 Sept 

 Foundation Stone

Laid by Miss Houston, Lifford

1872 Oct

 Church opens.

Rev James Gibson was the first Minister.  

The cost of the new church was estimated at £4000, £3000 of which had been raised by the time the foundation stone was laid. The church basement contained a large hall which had a capacity for 400 people. The hall was used for the Sabbath school and public lectures.


1693:  Presbyterian Meetinghouse on Orchard Street opens.

The old Meetinghouse on Orchard St. is shown on Griffith's Valuation Map c1850.

1872: The new Presbyterian Church on Meetinghouse Street opens, replacing the old Meeting-House in Orchard St.

The old Meetinghouse  is converted to a school.


1911: 40 years after it was first proposed, Strabane's two Presbyterian congregations unite. Ministry: Rev. Edward Clarke Rev. Charles Toland


1938: Accidental fire destroys the church on Christmas day.

1939-57: The congregation worship at Leepers Brae Presbyterian Meetinghouse.


1957: New church opens on the Derry Road. The bell from the old church is placed in the tower of the new building.  

Interior view from the gallery: First Strabane Presbyterian Church on Meetinghouse Street.  

Timeline 1659-1911: First Strabane, Ministers


 Rev. William (Robert) Keyes (Patrick Street)


 Rev Robert Wilson

1692 Dec 21 Rev William Holmes (Orchard Street)


 Rev Victor Freguson

1766 Feb 6 Rev William Crawford

1789 Nov 10 Rev William Dunlop 


 Rev John Alexander Adam 

1828 Mar 20 Rev William Mulligan 

1833 Mar 30 Rev Alexander Porter Goudy D.D.

1859 Sept 26 Rev James Gibson D. D. (Meetinghouse Street

1878 Dec 11 Rev John MacDermott D. D. 

1881 Sept 29 Rev John Irwin D. D. 


 Rev Edward Clarke (United Charge) 

 Strabane Presbyterian Church, World War I Roll of Honour.

1st Strabane Presbyterian Church, Camus Parish Marriages 1845-70