Fahan Presbyterian Church

Jesus is Lord - Romans Chapter 10 v 9

Sunday Worship

We welcome you to the Sunday morning service.
We meet each week throughout the year at 10 am (exceptions would be for special evening services such a Harvest Thanksgiving).

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All five sections of this service available here:

Childrens Day, Fahan. Church filling up at start of Ssrvice.
Normal attendance at a Sunday morning family service is fifty to fifty five members of all ages. We love to see visitors and look forward to you joining us if you are in the area. The number at this combined Inch/ Fahan Children's Day Service is just over one hundred. The Choir normally are seated where the photograph was taken from.

Prayer at start of winter season for work of the Church.

Crown Jesus Ministries puppets at Fahan on Sunday morning 
One off visit by puppet team to morning service.

Rev Knox Jones is first to negotiate the snow at the Church gate

The first car to enter the grounds is the minister on a cold and beautiful morning. Members had to struggle with difficult conditions due to the snow. A lovely sunrise as a backdrop and nice and cosy inside.

Puppet of Angel presented by George Lunn
The children watched and listened with great interest as visiting speaker George Lunn from Belfast City Mission told a Bible story using a puppet which could change in a minute from a devil to an angel.

Andrew  Friends leading worship at Fahan Church
We were privilaged to have (left to right above) Vicky on violin, Jamie on piano, Gareth on mandolin, Andrew on guitar and Lauren (third from left below) on piano leading worship one Sunday morning. Other musicians include Judith (middle below), David, Kathleen Russell, Kathryn Little, Paula McNeely and George Barr.


Audio Visual desk budding helpers

 Time to talk after the morning Service.

There are normally two volunteers on the audio visual desk, one looking after sound and one on the projector. The singings and Sermon points are usually projected. All hymns and Choruses are also provide in printed form for everyone who prefers to sing from the printed page.

Bottled water on seats for thirst or tickley cough

Bottled water, within reach, throughout the Church for that tickly cough or thirsty moment.

Rev Jones in discussion with pianist David Darragh
Rev Knox Jones and musician David. Praise is normally from a combination of  Presbyterian Church third edition, Glory to God, Fahan Praise and the Portglenone Psalms.

Wilson and Irene McMahon, Rev. Knox Jones  David Darragh
Irene and Wilson McMahon of OMF prior to the morning service along with Rev. Knox Jones and musician David. Click here for more details on OMF.

Church filling up for Harvest Thanksgiving Service
Church filling up for Harvest Thanksgiving Service. The congregation always have the opportunity to sing from a hymn book or use the video screens. This is to give worshipers a choice of traditional or modern.

 Time fora caht after the Service

During the summer months orange, biscuits, tea and coffee is served at the close of morning Service at the rear of the Church.

Tea and biscuits are provided for the congregation and visitors in the Hall after the Service during Sunday School terms. You are encouraged to stay for a chat.

 Chat time after morning Service


Some chat outside while others take a cup of tea
After the Sunday morning service some choose to stand outside and chat while others have a cup of tea.

Services are held each Sunday morning at 10 am, including summer time, with an average attendance of fifty plus. We benefit from additional guests/ tourists during the summer months. Books in the pew for congregation and visitors are:
Church Hymnary Third Edition,
New International Bible
Glory to God
Fahan Praise (our own in Church publication).  

 Click here if you would like to see an online copy of the Bible.

The words on the arch behind the Pulpit are ‘Jesus is Lord’. This is from Romans 10:9. That if you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.


Most families are involved in some way with the life and work of the Church. There are for example twenty-two members on the morning collection rota and thirty-eight helpers on the Crèche rota.

Our minister normally presents the key headings from the morning service on the projector screens during the Bible Talk (Sermon). The congregation can follow these points that are also printed on the Order of Service, where a space is made available for taking a few notes. Copies of the Service are available on audio CD shortly after the morning service.

 If you would like to discuss any spiritual concerns or issues please feel free to speak to us.