Waterside Boys’ Brigade

Aim of the Waterside Presbyterian Church Boys' Brigade.
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The aim of the Boys' Brigade is the advancement of Christ's Kingdom amongst boys and the promotion of habits of obedience, reverence, discipline and all that tends towards a true Christian manliness. 

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The Boys' Brigade provides a balanced programme of activities for children and young people aged from 5 to 18 years old. These resources have been developed to help volunteer youth leaders work in a relevant and creative way. The Boys' Brigade programmes aim to make a positive contribution to a young person's life through fun activities in a church like setting.

It was following the Rev Bell's appointment to the ministry in Waterside Presbyterian Church in 1940 that the formation of the Boys' Brigade Company was considered.  The company records show that the date of enrolment was January 2, 1941.  The Captain was William Jeffery. Rev Fredrick Bell was the Chaplain.  Lieutenants Cecil Nelis, William Loughlin, Cecil Davis and Norman Haire helped with the running of the company.


Previous Captains 
Mr W Jeffrey                                          1940-1947

Mr W Nelis Snr                                       1947-1953

Mr H Craig                                               1953-1954

Mr C McCay                                            1954-1963

Mr W Nelis                                              1963-1971

Mr T Hamilton                                       1971-1978

Mr D Funston                                         1978-1979

Mr B Watson                                           1979-1981

Mr J McCarter                                         1981-2005

Mr Don McClay MBE                            2006-

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