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Jesus is Lord - Romans 10: 9

Youth Fellowship

The aim of the Youth Fellowship is to foster and develop a personal relationship with Jesus and to provide a social outlet for the young people in this rural community. Fahan Youth Fellowship meets fortnightly, generally on Sunday evenings at 8 pm, from September to April. Age range is from twelve-plus with no upper age limit. Youth attend from our own congregation and other churches. Click here to see some 'Favourite Bible verses' of members of Fahan.  Members of Youth Fellowship are actively involved in the life of the Church, for example: Family Fun day, Holiday Bible Club and Audio Visual Rota.
The older youth are invited to the planning meetings and are encouraged to take part in the Sunday night meetings. Not all meetings are on Sunday nights.

Prayer at start of winter for the Youth Fellowship.

The programme has previously included: a games night, a local young man who has been serving God in China, participating in the Presbytery ten-pin bowling competition, a film night and a series of Bible Studies which have been held in the leader’s homes.
The young people are encouraged to attend the Presbytery Youth events and have a personal Bible time at home. A number of Bible reading aids are available from our Publications Officer. The young people support teams abroad and in the past members have been to China, Uganda, Laos, Russia, Romania and Moldova.
Why not contact us if you if you have any questions or would like to come to a meeting. Please consider calling in and possibly bringing a friend?

"Variety is the Spice of Life"
The leaders strive to provide a varied programme.
Below is the photographic record of a grat evening when a good friend of Fahan, 
Mr Austin Chirwa from the Student Christian Organisation of  Malawi, who is studying for a Certificate in Biblical Studies at Belfast Bible College, gave a message from the Bible followed by cooking a native dish from his homeland. Austin is an Associate Training Secretary for the Student Christian Organisation of Malawi, Central Region. From time to time Austin is responsible for the training of all students in all aspects of the Christian Life. Central Region of Malawi has about 300+ school. The numbers of young people keep growing. 

Austin has been studying the Diploma in Bible and Churches Mission. He says: "I am looking forward to going home and continuing to serve the Lord as I feel more fully empowered than ever. Of course I am married to a wonderful lady called Lucie, and  God has blessed us with a young son called Vitumbiko."

Cooking like you never saw it before at Youth Fellowship
Cooking like you never saw it before.
You really would have needed to see it with your own eyes to fully appreciate the energy, singing and fun that Austin poured into a very simple main course. This enthuastic Bible student demonstrated how back home the pot  would be placed on a fire while the cook sat on the floor and stirred and folded the ground rice into a staple wholsome food.


Austin cooking at Youth FellowshipAn African meal in an Irish setting.
The rings are red hot (like the fire back home) and the aroma is mouth watering while the chicken and tomatoes fuse into a beautiful sauce to compliment the main dish.

Richard ready to serve at Youth Fellowship
The best of china for the best of meals.
When ready to serve, Belfast Bible College student, Richard, reaches for the best of china to serve the 'never to be repeated' savoury meal.


Fingers and thumb eating at Youth Fellowship
Go on, try it. Just fingers and thumb.
The craic was good as Austin demonstrated how to eat the meal using hands only. No tools required and far less washing up. What would the relatives say?

Lovely African cooking at Youth Fellowship
Will an overseas popular dish be a success at Fahan?
Now it is time for everyone to sample the food, savour the evening of good fellowship and look forward to the next Youth Fellowship meeting.

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