Fahan Presbyterian Church

Jesus is Lord - Romans 10: 9


If you are a neighbour or a visitor in the area you will be very welcome. 

Most people like to know what to expect, so here are a few pointers:

If you need a lift, want directions or other details please text or ring 078 1367 3874 (+44 78 1367 3874) or email office@fahanchurch.org 

There is usually somebody at the door to welcome you and hand you a news sheet containing an "Order of Service".

The Congregation is a member of the "Presbyterian Church in Ireland".

You may sit where you feel most comfortable. 

Praise items, Children's Story and Bible Talk are normally displayed on screens.

A deaf loop system is available in the Church, just switch to "T". There is a space available for a wheelchair in the Church. The Service is amplified and recorded for ease of access.

There is a collection plate available, however, there is not any obligation for visitors.

We are happy with any currency and bank regularly in both Euro and Sterling. 

Communion is held approximately four times per year.

Children should feel at home too - during the service there is a "Children's Story" where the children are invited up to the front (they then return back to their parents). 

There is a creche during the service (for the younger children) in the adjacent Church Hall with two helpers who have Child Protection Training.

The service lasts a little less than an hour. This is followed by tea/coffee (unless we forget the milk, well sure, we can chat anyway!)