Fahan Presbyterian Church

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Cakes, Socials and Singing

 Cake in bags were brought in a box from Derry for the 35 children.
On the evening of Tuesday 21 March 1911 the church social was held and cake etc. in bags were brought in a box from Derry for the 35 children.  The cost of the evening was sixpence and the church committee decided this was a mistake as children were having tea early and then again in the evening entirely free.  

So, it was decided that the next social would cost one shilling for admission.  Provisions were made to cater for an extra 120.  The committee decided that the excursion on 29 June 1911 would be to Portrush via train and it was considered that Bundoran would be too far for the young people to travel.  

The annual Sabbath-School Examinations and annual social was held on Friday 29 March 1912.  It was usual for the social to be generally held on the evening of the day of the examination.  

Tickets were printed with the cost being one shilling.  

In 1913 the tickets were one shilling but a family ticket for three was 2/6 and four was 3 shillings.  The Sabbath school children as usual were free.  

It is recorded that there was not a social in 1917.  

On Friday 22 March 1918 the adult social tickets now cost 1/6 and the refreshments were for 220 persons.  In 1919 the tickets were still 1/6 and the provisions were for 250 persons with the cost of the event being £6.6 shillings.  

The proposal on 6 July 1919 to hold a dance in Burnfoot School on the evening of the Sabbath School Fete was refused with 8 voting against and 2 abstaining.   

In November 1911 a singing class in connection with the congregation was to be held in Burnfoot for 3 months with a fee of  £2.10.0 to be paid to Mr. W Gilliland, Creggan, Derry and if extended for 2 more months would cost £4.00.  

It is recorded that from February 1918 that a choir practice was to be held weekly in the church while in the Spring of 1919 there seemed to be little support for music lessons led by Mr. Franklin.