Graveyard, Fahan

Fahan Presbyterian Church does not have a graveyard associated with the Church.
However a number of former members are buried in the Graveyard at the nearby St. Mura's Church of Ireland. Click here for the web site of  St. Mura's Church of Ireland, Fahan

Please click here if intertested in a 28 page dcument of "St. Mura's Cemetery, Fahan, Co. Donegal Inscriptions". It consists of a listing all the headstone texts.

Please click here for a 22 page Archaeological report on Fahan Old Graveyard, Fahan, Co. Donegal".

The Church of Ireland Genealogy web site may be of some help if you are seeking genealogy information?

On R238 from Derry to Buncrana at Tooban, Burnfoot 


Co. Donegal 

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