Fahan Presbyterian Church

Jesus is Lord - Romans 10: 9

Harvest Service cancelled

A Choral Festival was held on Tuesday 23 March 1954.  The Fahan Hall Service was changed from 6.30pm to 7.00pm.  The Presbytery Visitation was held on Tuesday 4 May 1954 at 7.30pm and probably due to that there was a redecoration of the interior of the church at a cost of £83.00.  Church members donated the following: - 

Curtains for the stage and hall, painting the fireplace in the vestry, rewiring and framing the memorial in the porch, redecorating the vestry and the stairs and hall leading to the vestry.   

A social was held in November 1954 and raised the sum of £9.15 and it was decided to pay for the new electric boiler with the money which cost £9.10.0.   

The new boiler to heat the church would cost £108.00 which was considered too much. 

In 1954 a proposal was suggested for the church to host a Christmas party for the children.  Before that the Christmas party for the children was related to the National School and was held in the Fahan Church of Ireland Rectory.   

In the minutes of the committee meeting held on 8 October 1957 the main concern was the church ceiling.  The plaster had fallen down above the choir and further cracks appeared.  After examination there seemed to be sag of 6 inches.  This alarmed the committee so much that the Harvest Service on 20 October 1957 was cancelled and further services were to be held in the hall.  The estimate for the repair of the ceiling was £250.00.  Because of these repairs it was decided to put in wire for the electric light.  Money was to be raised by a sale of work, a concert, social evenings and a house to house collection.  The total cost was £339.4.7.  A special service was held on 23 March 1958 at 7.30 to dedicate the lights with the congregation member who had presented the shades switching on the lights.