Help from The Gideons

The Bible, God's Holy Word, has the answer to every need in our life. It shows how to deal with the situations and crises we face day by day

What do we learn from the Bible?

  • We face decisions when leaving home or embarking on a career.
  • We may face suffering through our own or other people's actions, or simply because of fear.
  • Unresolved attitudes damage our lives and relationship with others.
  • God calls all of us to seek Him and to follow Him.
  • We all face temptation.

The Bible contains many examples of these human situations and how we can overcome them through God's Love

It contains a wealth of inspiration, comfort and practical teaching to help us if we know where to look. God's teaching in the Bible helps us to lead happy and rewarding lives. Over the centuries countless people have discovered the Bible's value as they faced the problems and challenges we also confront in our lives.

If you need help and the Bible helps on this web site do not appear to answer your need, let us know and we will put you in touch with a Gideon locally who will gladly pray with you.

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