Layout of Family Pews 1926

It was traditional that each family had a specific pew. In some churches (although not Fahan) the family tended to the gravel beneath their own pew. Below is the plan of Fahan Presbyterian Church from 18th December 1926.

 Plan of seats showing where each family sat at 18th December 1926

 The seats are numbered anti clockwise from the rear right hand corner.

No. 1 to 17 up the right hand side starting at the back.
No. 18 to 34 down the left hand side from the front to the rear left hand back corner.
No. 35 to 47 is up the centre from the back to the front.
The pulpit is at the front centre. An area for a choir and/ or an organ appears to have been constructed where seat 48 had been located in 1890/ 1900 plan of pews/ seats. 

Seat     Family Name
 1     Mrs Elder (right hand seat on right)
 2     A Platt
 3     A Mitchell
 4     J Ferguson
 5     J Moran
 6     S Elder
 7     W Cochrane
 8     J McCorkell
 9     W Fair
10     Lamberton
11     Hamilton
12     A Foster
14     W Quigley
15     J Lamberton
17                         (Front seat at right)
24     Jas Wallace
25     Mrs Chambers
26     A Nicholl
27     Jas McCorkell
28     Mrs Hutchinson
29     J A Stewart
30     M Stewart
31     W Bell
32     E Creswell
33     Wm Milligan
34     Mrs Hunter (Left hand seat at back)
35      Mrs Brewster (Back seat at centre)
36     D B Henry
37     F Hawthorne
38     R McClean
39     S McClay
41     Joe Ferguson
42     Jas Ferguson
44     Wm Hamilton
47                            (Front seat at centre)

On R238 from Derry to Buncrana at Tooban, Burnfoot 

Fahan, Via Lifford, Co. Donegal 

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