Fahan Presbyterian Church

Jesus is Lord - Romans 10: 9

Modern Technology

The old oil lamps belonging to the church were sold at £1.00 each.  They installed electric light into the school residence and as its resident had died then the rent was not to be less than £2.10 per week plus rates (£1.44 per annum). 

The new organ was dedicated on 27 May 1962.  In 1863 it was decided to erect a kitchen at the hall at a cost of £190.00.  It was decided that the hall would be wired for lights and a power plug.  Also to do away with the old fireplace in the vestry and have an electric one. 

Rev Ferguson resigned on 22 January 1964 to minster at Moneydig where he retired on 30 January 1975 and died on 18 December 1980. 

Rev RN Stewart wa re-installed on 28 May 1964.  He started on 23 September 1964 a Bible Reading mid week service to help church members with the Bible and prayer.  This was to be held on every forth Wednesday of the month.   

There was a revival of .......... monthly socials for the winter months as they had lapsed for a few years.  In 1964 it was decided to sell the Fahan Hall which after expenses deducted made £379.14.0. 

On 1965 a notice board was put in front of the church a gift from a contractor.  The contents were brought up to the church hall and in 1965 the hall lamps were sold for £2.50 or £1.00 for portion of the lamps. 

They were to convert 2 old lamps stands used to be on the pulpit into electric lamp stands.  This was proposed and was rejected. 

The sexton fees were increased to £25.00 per annum on 9 March 1965. 

There was church and roof repairs with house to house collectors. 

An oil burning system for heating the church and hall was installed at a cost of £427.10.0 in 1966.  He was resigned o 3 September 1968 to take up a post as Sunday School Organiser which he resigned from in 1971 to take up a teaching appointment at Methodist College, Belfast.