Fahan Presbyterian Church

Jesus is Lord - Romans 10: 9

OMF Overseas Missionary Fellowship


Waterside and Fahan Missionary Weekend. The theme was ’Open Doors amongst East Asians’. Wilson McMahon Regional Director for OMF in Ireland led the China Evening with Heather and Zara. Heather, from Cavan, who has spent three years in China shared stories from her time as an English teacher. Zara Gilliespie, a young girl from Raphoe Congregational, Co. Donegal talked about her membership of a short-term team to China.

 Mrs Christine Tan OMF at Fahan
Mrs Christine Tan talking in Fahan about her OMF experiences. A CD recording of the meeting was produced. This was a most stimulating evening for the members of Fahan and Waterside.

Mark Tan of OMF using chopsticks to make a point at Fahan

Mark used a pair of chopsticks to explain in a very simple way a profound Christian message about missionaries not going alone but having support from others.

O breath of life, come sweeping through us.
The singing was uplifting at the evening meeting. Dark outside the window, warm inside the Church, Paula McNeely on the piano and Rev. Knox Jones leading the excellent singing of: "O breath of life, come sweeping through us."

Mark and Christine Tan. Christine Tan (nee McCombe) is a local girl originally from Donemana married to Mark from Malaysia. They have served as church planters in Manila, Philippines, amongst Chinese Filipinos. They have returned to Northern Ireland to begin a new ministry reaching Chinese in Ireland.

Banner at OMF Missionary Weekend at Fahan  Waterside 
The OMF banner set up beside the well stocked bookstall tells something of the work of this great missionary organisation. https://omf.org/uk/


Wilson and Irene McMahon, Rev. Knox Jones  David Darragh
OMF missionaries Wilson and Irene McMahon, Minister of Waterside and Fahan Rev. Knox Jones and musician David prior to the morning service.

Wilson and Irene McMahon shared their experiences at the Sunday morning services with Wilson teaching from a Bible passage and Irene speaking on her recent trip to Laos and North Thailand.

 The busy weekend concluded in Irish Street Community centre, Derry/ Londonderry where Wilson along with a primary school teacher from Co. Monaghan and a Masters Student from Belfast gave very moving accounts of the desperate need for more volunteers for Asia. This was an evening of singing and short interviews and brief talks with some of the short-term workers who were in East Asia.