Fahan Presbyterian Church

Jesus is Lord - Romans 10: 9

Rev Lynn and German Spies

It is recorded in the minutes of 29 August 1915 regarding the illness of Rev Lynn with no details and on 15 June 1919 the committee had reviewed a statement written by Dr Hamilton on the unsatisfactory health of Rev Lynn and the urgent necessity for a complete rest.  So a decision was made to get a substitute with Mr. Watson to occupy the pulpit during the months of August and September 1919.  Rev Lynn had an operation for appendicitis in September 1919.  On 31 July 1921 in appreciation of services rendered by Rev Lynn during his 25 years in Fahan, a presentation was made to him. (See appendix).  

Robert Lynn had an outstanding career in athletics and rugby.  He was “gifted with a rare power of preaching that sometimes rose to the heights of genius.”  He had, it was said an uncanny knowledge of the birds so familiar to the Lough Swilly area and he was one of the best shots in the whole of the North.   

Rev Lynn resided at Inch manse and he traveled for 12.30 service at Fahan in his pony and trap.  One member of the congregation remembers the pony known as “Darkie”.  In the final years of his ministry he used a car.   

Rev Lynn and Rev John Carson-Greer of Strand Road, Derry were great friends.  Sometime between 1914-1918 these two heavily built men took the local ferry over to Rathmullan for a day’s outing.  The local people were very suspicious of these two gentlemen and so the police arrested and questioned them to determine if they were German spies.  On proof of identification they were released. 

On Thursday October 17 1929 Rev Robert Lynn had been in a motor collision and though he was uninjured he collapsed and died on the road.  For some time past he had been in a delicate state of health.  His wife, 3 sons and 3 daughters survived him.  It is reported in November 8 Witness that the Derry Presbytery passed the following resolution with a copy sent to Mrs Lynn.   

"The Presbytery places on record its sense of the loss sustained by the death of Rev Robert Lynn Minister of Fahan and Inch for a period of 33 years.  Mr. Lynn was an earnest and faithful servant of Christ, an able and impressive preacher, a diligent and sympathetic pastor, and a staunch and trusty friend.  He was greatly beloved by his brethren in the ministry not only of this Presbytery, but of the entire Church and indeed by all who came into close contact with him.  All through his ministry both in Aughnacloy and in Fahan and Inch he gave of his best and his labour were greatly appreciated by the congregations he served.  For several years he had been in failing health, but with remarkable courage he continued to bear the burden of the ministry and discharge its duties with all his accustomed energy and fidelity until he was suddenly overtaken by death.  There was no more popular member of Presbytery than he, his utterances always carried weight and commanded respect.  The Presbytery thanks God for his faithful and devoted service, expresses its deep sympathy with his bereaved family and prays that the Father of mercies and God of all consolation may comfort, sustain, guide and keep them in their season of sorrow."