Fahan Presbyterian Church

Jesus is Lord - Romans 10: 9


ARTICLE IN Gideon News, Winter 2010

The Gideon’s in Bombay had collected 100,000 rupees for a bus badly needed by a school and a member was deputed to take the money to the school. He stopped a rickshaw and was taken to the school gate. In the Headmaster’s study he asked if the Gideons could undertake a presentation of Testaments to the children in the school.

The headmaster refused permission.

The Gideon then realised that he had left the money in the rickshaw. On telling the Head, he was told there was no way the money would be recovered. At that point a knock on the door revealed the Rickshaw driver. He said, “You left this in my rickshaw,” and handed over the bag with all the money. The Head said, “Did you know was in it?” “Yes,” said the man. “Did you know how much was in it?” “Yes,” was the reply. “That would be more than you would earn in a lifetime. What made you bring it back?” “Some weeks ago,” said the rickshaw man, “When a man paid me for a ride, he gave me a little book. It was in my language so I read it. It was a Bible and I read it a lot. I read the back page and I prayed the prayer. I signed the page – I had become a Christian so I couldn’t keep the money.”

“I’ll have all the Bibles you’ve got,” said the headmaster to the Gideon!”