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St Patrick’s Breastplate

A member of local Christian music band 'Mr Jag' has recorded St Patrick's Breastplate.
A new single called Patrick’s Breastplate is set to raise funds for OM Ireland. The song by Irish band MrJAG is based on the well-loved Celtic prayer commonly referred to as “St Patrick’s Breastplate” was released in time for St Patrick’s Day.

Mr Jag, Donegal, St Patricks Breastplate, CD Cover
OM Ireland Director, Mike Mullins was deeply moved when he listened to the song in late February.  “I first heard Patrick’s Breastplate in the sitting room of lead singer Andrew Lamberton’s home, sung simply with just a guitar to accompany it.  It stirred my heart and really inspired me.  It is just such a beautiful song.”

Folk/rock band MrJAG, made up of trio Gareth Parker, Jamie McMillan and Andrew Lamberton, had recorded the song and were looking for a way to distribute it.  The band generously decided to donate the proceeds of the song to OM Ireland.

Mike Mullins said, “We are blown away by the generosity of the guys!  This is such an incredible song and we want to share its encouraging message with the people of Ireland and around the world.”

Click here to listen to Andrew singing St. Patrick's Breastplate at a Good Friday service in Fahan Presbyterian Church.

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