Value your child


5 ways to value your child from
‘Care for the Family’

·         Validate them.
Children can tell whether you think they are important or not by how seriously you take them. If they come to you with a problem, give them your full attention while they talk to you, no matter how small you think the matter is.

·         Avoid comparisons.
Don't compare them to their friends or siblings. It can undermine their confidence and knock their self-esteem. Instead, affirm something that is unique about them.

·         Listen to them.
Remember to look at them while they talk – listen with your eyes.

·         Understand the power of praise.
Catch them doing something right and tell them. To a child, praise can be like rain in a desert.

·         Enter into their world.
Talk about what interests them. Spending time with a child tells them you value them. Join in their games. Watch their choice of TV show together. Give them the opportunity to teach you – you may be surprised at what you learn.

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