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Ways a Smart Phone can help you Pray

In the modern busy world it can be difficult to make time (or take time) to pray.

Below is an extract from 24-7 Prayer WEB site.

Constantly attached to your smart phone? Find it hard to make time for prayer - or to focus when you do? Well here are some tips for making your smart phone your friend.

1.    Take the plunge – turn off your phone!
Silence can be scary but there’s nothing like silence and space to help you relax, clear your mind and connect with God. If you find it hard try finding a quiet place and turning off your phone as a sign that your switching off from the world and switching on to God for just two minutes a day. As those two minutes get easier (and start to feel quicker!) try increasing the amount of time you give your attention to God.


2.    Capture God moments with your camera 
God is on the move and speaking in so many ways we may not expect. Set yourself the challenge to be on the look out for things, sounds, places and people that help you think about or talk to God today. Take a photo or video and keep a digital journal of what God is saying and how you’re connecting. 

3.    Don’t go it alone - Snapchat your prayer requests
Got something you really need God to help with? Why not get your friends to pray with you. Find two people to whom you can send and receive private messages. When a need arises send a photo/text of what you need prayer for instantly through an app like Snapchat. Make sure you pray for God’s help as you press send and add your amen to their requests in return. (Don’t have Snapchat? There are other means of sending private messages too – you could DM on Twitter, message on Facebook or just text)          

 4.    Playlists that plug you in.
Got a regular walk or commute? Create a playlist to plug you in to God.  Download the worship tunes that stir you and add songs that weren’t written with God in mind but always connect you to Jesus and what he cares about.  You could even create different playlists for chilled, meditative moods and wake-me-up now worship journeys. 

5.    Use social media to help you pray for others
Fancy shaking up whom you pray for? Why not open up a social media app or site and pray for the first person in your home feed. Ask Jesus to give you an encouraging comment to leave them after you’ve prayed. 

6.    Use news on the move to pray for the world
Ever find praying for the world daunting? Download a news app and choose one news story with your first tea/coffee/smoothie of the day. If you find it hard to start praying imagine what the best possible outcome of the situation could be and ask Jesus to make it happen. Keep it simple, specific and pray, “your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”