Fahan Presbyterian Church

Jesus is Lord - Romans 10: 9

Dorrans, Galana, Bridge Building

Eddie & Mary Dorrans were visiting speakers at Fahan Presbyterian Church.

Eddie & Mary Dorrans

It was a very interesting visit where they both took part in the morning service. Below are a few pictures displayed on the projector screens during the talk.

God is the Answer

God is Able


Completed Bridge at Galana

Bridge collapsed after flood damage

Below are a few details taken off the PCI WEB site at the time.
The Dorrans are serving as volunteers under BMO's Ignite scheme and while in Kenya are under the care of the Pwani Presbytery and attached to the Malindi congregation of the Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA).

Since 2011 Eddie and Mary have been working in the Galana area in southwest Kenya, with the Galana Community Development Programme (GCDP).

GCDP is under the management of the PCEA Pwani Presbytery 'WHEAT' Project, a charitable trust which has seven founder directors, including Derek Roulston, all of whom are members of PCEA.

Eddie is Project Manager and is responsible for the design and construction of a second cable suspension footbridge over the Galana River, as well as for the provision of wells to provide clean drinking water to various communities in the area. Mary is involved in various aspects of the 'Bridge of Hope' project, including administration and the care and welfare of volunteer workers.