Fahan Presbyterian Church

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Mitchell Family, Fahan

Below is part of an e-mail received from Australia regarding the Mitchell family who were members of Fahan Presbyterian Church.

Dear Reverend Jones

Recently while researching my MITCHELL family I googled “Fahan  Presbyterian Church” and was thrilled to find four items of interest to me in my research.

·         Photographs of Fahan Presbyterian Church where my great aunt  Annie Mitchell married James Scott Laidlaw in 1912.

·         The Great War Memorial tablet in memory of those who served in  the war including my great uncle Andrew Mitchell who died in 1917 and also  “Miss M Mitchell VAD” - I think this is my great aunt Meg Mitchell who later trained as a nurse.

·         The History of the Church booklet - On 20 November 1920 Mrs  Mitchell, Fahan, requested permission to erect a tablet in the church to  the memory of her son Andrew. The approval of a mural tablet to the  memory to the fallen heroes was given with the congregation bearing  expenses and a bronze tablet would cost £45.00 or £50.00.

·         The seating plan for 1890-1901 showing the James Mitchell family in seat 37. I would like to ask permission to use these items in a small booklet I am  preparing for my immediate family, about the Mitchell family. I would also  like to thank whoever was responsible for including those items on the  Fahan Church website.

 I am not sure when the Mitchells moved to Fahan, but possibly towards the  end of 1901. In 1901 Census they were living in Carlisle St, Derry City  and prior to that they lived at 43 ½ Foyle Road for at least ten years, but my great aunts spoke of growing up in Fahan. James Mitchell died 3 July 1919 in Fahan and is buried in Derry City Cemetery. In April 1924 Jane Mitchell, three daughters and a grand daughter left Ireland to join my grandmother May and her family in New South Wales.

With many thanks, Yours sincerely Beth Phillips