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Jesus is Lord - Romans 10: 9

Quotes about money

Below are a few quotes that appeared in the weekly Announcement Sheet and Order of Service.

How much money for God?
""There are two ways in which a Christian can view his money -
"How much of my money shall I use for God?" or
"How much of God's money shall I use for myself?"

W. Graham Scroggie


Getting more done without money
“We are getting more done without money than we were getting done with money” OM comment on the wok at 
Lacken House where five work teams (50 men) from Richill Presbyterian Church worked between May and June 2010 in renovations and repairs.


 If we thought of the world as a village of 100 people the statistics might make us reconsider. Of the wealth in this village, six people own 59%, 74 people own 39% and 20 people share the remaining 2%. If we have money in the bank and our purse and spare change somewhere around the house, then we are among the richest people.

SU Bible reading notes ‘Encounter with God’ 16-01-10.

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Money is a tool of great value, a test of our priorities and a trademark of who we are”                             Andy Stanley


“When I find any money, I get rid of it as quickly as possible, least it find a way into my heart.”                                                                                             John Wesley

“It is strange that we prepare for everything except meeting God” Dr. Billy Graham


“Money has many characteristics of deity. It gives us security, can induce guilt, gives us freedom, gives us power, and seems omnipresent. Most sinister of all, however, is its bid for omnipotence.”                                            Richard J. Foster


Dug from the mountainside
Or washing in the glen
Servant am I or master of men.
Earn me, I bless you,
Steal me, I curse you;
Grasp me and hold me
A friend will possess you,
Lie for me, die for me,
Covet me, take me –
I’m just what you make me.


Money can be that which we possess or that which possesses us. If it possesses us it becomes the root of all kinds of evil. 

Stewardship of money.  www.stewardship.org.uk

Money debt advice.: Christians Against Poverty