Fahan Presbyterian Church

Jesus is Lord - Romans 10: 9

The Great War, 1914 to 1918

In the minutes of 2 December 1917 it is recorded that the minister had purchased Christmas gifts for those that volunteered from this neighbourhood and were members of Fahan and Inch.  These included cigarette cases filled with cigarettes, hair brushes, handkerchiefs, picture frames.  On 20 November 1920 Mrs Mitchell, Fahan, requested permission to erect a tablet in the church to the memory of her son Andrew.   The approval of a mural tablet to the memory to the fallen heroes was given with the congregation bearing expenses and a bronze tablet would cost £45.00 or £50.00.  Mrs Brewster was asked to perform the unveiling at the dedication of a mural tablet in memory of those who served in the Great War.  This occurred on Sabbath 17 April 1921 at 12.30 and the preacher was Rev Dr Lowe (Moderator - Designate). 

Adams JA                   Corporal                                  5th RL

Adams WM                2nd Lieutenant                       Reserve Brigade

Brewster H                  Captain                                    RGA

Hamilton AS               Driver                                      ASC - wounded

Hamilton J                   Surgeon                                   RN

McClean GS               2nd Lieutenant                         RE

Mitchell A                   2nd Lieutenant                       RIF killed in action

Pinkerton R                 Private                                     RIF

Tomb JS                      Captain                                    Welsh Fus.

Tomb JW                     Gunman                                  RGA

Tomb TH                     Private

Colonial Forces 

Adams RF                   Assist Chaplain                      75th Canadian Regiment

McClean WS               Corporal                                  Calcutta Scot Vol.