Fahan Presbyterian Church

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Andrew Porter Tuban Currah, Fahan 1682


Hello. My name is Jim Richards in Texas, USA and I am curious about the designation "Tooban" in your address. My Porter forbears lived in your area and in 1682 Andrew Porter's address was "Tuban Currah in Fahan". I have searched among all the Townland data bases and can't find Tooban in Burt or Lower Fahan. Can you tell me what the Tooban, Burnfoot stands for? I would be most appreciative. I am sure my forebears were members of your Church - they are listed in the Kirk Session Book of Burt in the late 1600's. I came to Donegal about 1980 to do research and remember standing by your wonderful church gazing at the mountains thinking how much it looked like where the Porters settled in SW Virginia when they came here in the 1740's. I love your beautiful area. Thank you in advance, Jim Richards, Burnet, Texas.
E-mail received at Fahan Presbyterian Church in June 2010

Note subsequently received from Burt Presbyterian:
Tievebane is the early name of Tooban. The Porters (there were numerous Porters in Burt church in the early years) who are recorded in the Burt Session Book which dates from 1676 to 1719.