Fahan Presbyterian Church

Jesus is Lord - Romans 10: 9

Child baptism in the home to end

Rev TJ Holmes introduced baptism into the church service as before then the baptism service was conducted in the parents’ home by the minister.  

Rev J Holmes resigned from Fahan and Inch on 31 December 1958 and was installed to Castleblayney and Frankford on 29 January 1959.  There he ministered until his death on 12 July 1982. 

 Knowhead was added to Fahan and Inch during this vacancy.  Rev Robert Nelson Stewart was installed. 

Knowhead was added to Fahan and Inch during his vacancy.  Rev Robert Nelson Stewart was installed.  On 11 June 1959 he was born on 26 July 1929 and licensed by Belfast Presbytery on 29 May 1953 where he was a missionary to India from 20 September 1953 to 26 May 1959. 

The service at Fahan was held at 11am and the minister lived at Knowhead.  In 1959 the Sunday school children excursion was the United Churches excursion train to Portrush. 

Rev Stewart proposed to start family socials with one in November and one in January with no charge with everyone helping to provide the tea.  The ......went held on 27 November had a small charge of 1/6 for adults and 6d for children as a film projector was fired and it was held in the church hall.  The young people had their socials on October, December and February.  It was decided to get an electric organ and there was no Christmas Hamper.  The minister ay be interesed to note a fireguard was bought for the fireplace in the vestry. 

On the Sunday before Christmas the collection was for the Hungarian Refugee Fund.

In1961 wsa the introduction of the Free Will Offering envelope system.  He demitted charge on 31 August 1961 when he was appointed a .......... in Religious Education in Stranmillis College of Education.  Rev Ernest James Ferguson was installed in Knowhead, Fahan and Inch on 18 January 1962.  He was licensed by Belfast Presbytery on 26 May 1936 and had served in Clarkesbridge and first Newonlallilin, Hilltown and Caarowhome and Ballyfrenis.