Fahan Presbyterian Church

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Harvest Thanksgiving

 Please make a special effort to attend our annual Harvest Thanksgiving Service. This is an ideal opportunity for neighbours and friends to join with us to celebrate the "harvest gathered in". You are welcome to join us in the Hall for a cup of tea after the Service. The Service is normally at 8 pm (with no Morning Service that Sunday).

Sheaf of corn on Harvest Thanksgiving Sunday
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 Flowers in the window from outside at Harvest
View from outside prior to the Harvest Thanksgiving Service.

Church filling up early for Harvest Thanksgiving C 
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Church in the dark
Although it may be dark on the outside you should find a warm welcome on the inside. We look forward to you joining us to celebrate the gathering in of the harvest.  Although sweet pea is out of season for the Harvest Thanksgiving Service they are provided as a gift earlier in the season.

Front of Church decorated for Harvest Thanksgiving

 Harvest Thanksgiving window display

Harvest Thanksgiving window display

Fresh farm eggs

Fresh vegetables on display at Harvest Thanksgivin

Bread fruit vegetables and flowers at Harvest Than

Threshing mill  steam engine at Harvest Thanksgivi
Model of traditional threshing mill at harvest Thanksgiving service.