Fahan Presbyterian Church

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Marriage Register 1845 to 1902, Fahan Presbyterian Church


Please click here for a list of records from the original Marriage Register covering the period from July 1845 through to 1902.

The records have been typed into MS Excel by a member of the congregation who patiently went through the hand written register. Some entries were not legible.
You can search the file or save to your own computer using normal Windows commands such as:

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We hope you find the records of some help.
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Alternatively click here to download an Adobe version of Marriage Register 1845 to 1902.

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Below is a list of the names of Brides and Grooms from the 1845 to 1902 Marriage Register.



James McNutt

Catherine Duffy

David Nichol

Eliza Jane Nichol

Andrew Donnell

Elizabeth McLelland

Allan Nichol

Jane Eliza Wiley

James McLelland

Hannah Cresswell

James McPherson

Anne McPherson

John Creswell

Margaret Cochran

William White

Sarah Wallace

Moses Wiley

Sarah McCarter

William Finlay

Anne Moran

Robert Connelly

Sarah Quigley

John Malseed

Elizabeth Wallace

Andrew Floyd

Isabella Moran

James Douglas

Rebecca Moran

George Campbell

Rachel McNutt

George Allison

Elizabeth L. Sloan

Allan Nichol

Mary Wallace

Robert Witherow

Sarah Taylor

John Wylie

Rebecca Elder

John Cargill

Elizabeth McCarter

James Bradley

Mary Moran

Thomas Cargill

Esther Roulston

James F Lamberton

Mary Alexander

Thomas Wright

Hannah Dunlop

James Kyle

Martha Campbell

Thomas McCorkell

Sarah Eliz. McElveny

Andrew Foster

Elizabeth McClelland

Alexander Robinson

Mary Millar

James Alexander

Ellen Wallace

William Robinson

Jane Millar

James Gallagher

Margaret I Campbell

William McCarter

Anne Atchinson

James McCarter

Nancy Sloan ??

Moses Harwood

Anne McKim

William Elder

Mary Arbuckle

Victor McConnell

Margaret Dunlop

Charles Gallagher

Eliza McNutt

George Rodgers

Anne Dysart

Fredrick Kirkpatrick

Margaret Edwards

James Hutchinson

Mary Jane Dinsmore

Edward Burns

Anne Stewart

David Brown

Elizabeth Canning

Robert Logan

Catherine Colhoun

David Elder

Margaret Wiley

John Wm Gillespie

Mary Ferguson

William Buchanan

Elizabeth Dunlop

James Scott

Sarah A McNutt

John Parkhill

Catherine Creswell

Allan Nichol

Jane Milligan

Alexander Platt

Jane Houston

John Leslie

Maria Edwards

Robert Ewing

Joanne McCarter

Matthew McLaughlin

Nancy Foster

Hugh MacMurtree

Mary McCorkell

Thomas Stewart

Ellen C Nixon

George Pearson

Rachel McNutt

Mitchel Nichol

Margaret Nichol

James Sheils

Margaret Wallace

James Brown

Jane Wiley

Joseph Kincaid

Hannah McClelland

Robert Alexander Sheldon

Elizabeth Adams

Thomas Ferguson

Rebecca Hutchinson

Alex Robinson

Lizzie Gallaugher

Andrew Orr

Lizzie G Lamberton

David Mitchell Wright

Mary Anne Finlay

John Fairman

Jane Anne Foster

James McCorkell

Jane A McClelland

Alexander Vance

Jane Anne Creswell

Adam Whyte

Jane Nichol

John Henderson

Rebecca Sweeney

William Stewart

Margaret Mulligan

George Clarke

Lizzie Barnett

Andrew Steele

Nancy Foster

Robert James McConnell

Mary E C McBride

Robert McElroy

Ann Mary Russell

Robert Cooke

Frances Colhoun

William McCarter

Maggie McKimm

Alex Hutchman

Kate Colquhorin

Joseph McKimm

Sarah Jane Mulligan

John Scott

Mary Anne Elder

Alexander McClelland

Rececca Sarah Quigley

James Croskery

Mildred Jane Wallace

John James Johnston

Joanna Foster

Robert Lynn

Elizabeth Brewster

John King

Martha Scott

James Thompson

Margaret Morrow

John Stewart

Jane McClelland

Samuel McGonagle

Eliza Jane Nichol

Samuel Irwin

Matilda McKimm



Thomas Wilson Walker

Sara Jane Wallace