Fahan Presbyterian Church

Jesus is Lord - Romans 10: 9

Partition leads to changes

The membership of Fahan church in later years was greatly reduced with the main factor being that many families moved to Northern Ireland after partition in1922. Other factors may include drift from the land to the city, emigration, the Catholic Church’s policy on mixed marriages or decrease in the numbers of the generation following. 

Rev John Brewster BA was installed at Fahan and Inch on 20 May 1930.  He was born in Londonderry on 18 January 1879; his father was Mr. John Brewster JP Fahan.  He studied at Magee College, Londonderry, Queen's College, Belfast and graduated from Royal University of Ireland in 1907.  He subsequently read theology and New College, Edinburgh and Presbyterian College, Belfast.  He was licensed by Derry Presbytery on 6 June 1905 and ordained by Derry Presbytery at Malin on 5 September 1907.  He was installed at Rathmullan on 27 February 1908 and on 19 June 1925 the Connacht Presbytery installed him a Killaloo, Dromore West and Ballinglen.  He was installed in Buncrana on 18 September 1928 and resigned on 19 May 1930.  He was installed at Fahan and Inch on 20 May 1930.  In 1932 he was Moderator of the Synod of Derry and Omagh. 

He retired from active duty on 1 October 1947 and went to live at Portballintrae, Co Antrim.  His wife was the daughter of Rev James Herron of Dundela and they had 2 sons and a daughter.  He died on 12 August 1960.  His ministries were all exercised in the North West of Ireland and with one exception in the neighbourhood of Londonderry where he felt especially at home.  His life work thus drew much benefit from local loyalties and to the people he gave both of his learning and his friendliness.  (Pres. Herald 1960 page 287). 

Thomas John Holmes was licensed with the Belfast Presbytery 23 May 1947 and was installed as Fahan and Inch Minister on 15 April 1948.