Fahan Presbyterian Church

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Children’s Day

Childrens Day Inch 03-06-12
Above is combined Inch/ Fahan Children's Day 2012 in Inch Presbyterian. Below is pictures from earlier years. Parents and children were invited after the service to Mill Bay for a simple picnic.

 Children's Day Fahan Presbyterian Church
Children from Inch and Fahan Presbyterian Churches at Children's Day. Each young person and child got a gift during the service. Children's Day is held each June at the end of ayear of Sunday School. Children's Day is one of several highlights in the Church calendar. All parents, grandparents and members of both congregations are always delighted to see the children taking part in the service.

Childrens Day Fahan Presbyterian Church

The minister of Fahan Presbyterian, Rev. Knox Jones, conducted the joint service with the children taking the major part of the one hour of worship.

Fahan Presbyterian Childrens Day
The children welcomed the congregation at the door, played the piano, sang a solo while playeing a guitar, acted out drama, sang several praise items, lifted the collection, read the Bible and led the congregation in prayer at the  well attended lovely service.  number of families stayed for a family picnic after the morning service. Young people operated the audio visual system and made a CD recording of the Service.


Childrens Day Joint Inch Fahan Presbyterian Church
Rev Casement  is the visiting speaker at Inch Presbyterian Church for the combined Inch/ Fahan Children's Day service. He asked the children if they could say  "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" quoted by Mary Poppins.  He then asked the children "what is the most difficult word to say". The answer was "SORRY". He explained it is not easy to say "SORRY" but is very important for children and adults to be humble and say "SORRY". To come to God we also need to be "SORRY" for our sins and trust in Jesus for forgiveness.

The singing, prayer, children's story, drama, Bible reading, distribution of prizes has ended and the children gather for a photograph before heading to the beach for a family lunch.

The children will later have tea which maay remind some of the Bread & Cheese Lunch.  In the photograph are children who have experience of a cake sale, attended a creche, go regularly to church with their parents, attend the Rainbow Club, watched the puppets by Crown Jesus Ministries, enjoyed a Holiday Bible Club and learn about God in a Sunday School class. Some of the older group in the picture attend the Youth Club or the Youth Fellowship.

Choir in a happy mood at Childrens Day, Fahan.
Thumbs up by the children at the end of the Service when the prizes have been distributed.

Playing outside at Childrens Day, Fahan.
After the Service the children enjoy playing outside before the family picnic.

Line up during games at Childrens Day, Fahan.
Time for a few games in the sunshine before enjoying the picnic. Each family brings their own food while the Church provides tea, orange and ice cream.

Childrens Day, Fahan. Adults  children arriving for Service.
The members of Fahan and Inch Presbyterian Church's are settling in for the annual Children's Day Service. The children take the main part of the Service. Their enthuastic input includes: welcoming members and visitors at the door, drama, singing, lifting the collection, reading the Bible, leading in prayer and distributing sweets to adults and children at the conclusion of the Service.

Childrens Day, Fahan. Church filling up at start of Ssrvice.
The Rev. Knox Jones is speaking to a worshiper while a welcome message is displayed on the Audio Visual screens.
The children are getting excited as the start of Children's Day draws near.
A big thank you to the Sunday School teachers, musician and parents from Inch and Fahan Presbyterian Churches for supporting and preparing the children.

Childrens Day, welcome at door by young people.
A lovely welcome, by two young members of the Sunday School, at the door for Rev. Dr. Joe Fell as he arrives for the Children's day Service.

Childrens Day, sweets hidden in grounds for children.
Sweets were hideden around the Church grounds before the Church Service as a challenge for the children when the Service was over.

Looking for sweets hidden in grounds at Childrens Day, Fahan.
Where are all those sweets? Some were in the flower beds, some were on the window cills and others were, well just about everywhere.

Relaxing in the sun at Childrens Day, Fahan.
Taking life easy in adavnce of the family picnic. Weather permitting, the picnic will be in the open air. A lovely way to spend a time together.

 Childrens Choir Practice
The children of Inch and Fahan Presbyterian Churches practice in Fahan in advance of the very popular annual Children's Day. 

Outside Church after Service on Childrens Day
Time for a chat after the Service on a sunny summer morning.

Childrens Day exploring look out for crabs
Exploring the beach  following the Children's Day Service in Inch.
What do you think is lurking under the seaweed? Would you use your bare hands?

Childrens Day Inch Presbyterian
The singing is over, prizes have been distributed and time for a wave to parents and grandparents before the picnic on the beach. However the Rev. Dr. Joe Fell must leave as he has another service at Ebrington Presbyterian Church. He will miss the picnic.

Childrens Day on Inch Island
Exploring over and time for the picnic. Everyone enjoys the good weather while it lasts.

Childrens Day on Inch Island
Each family bring their own provisions while orange juice and tea is provided centrally.