Pork Supreme


    • 450g (1lb) Pork Pieces
    • 1 Medium Onion
    • 1 Red Pepper
    • 1 Stick Celery
    • 110g (1/4lb) Mushrooms
    • 1 tin Condensed Chicken Soup
    • One third tin of Water
    • Seasoning



Fry small pieces of pork until slightly brown and put in greased casserole.

Sauté onion for 5 minutes.

Cook mushrooms in butter.

Slice pepper and celery and put these three items on top of pork.

Add soup and water to onions, stir and heat, then pour over ingredients in casserole.

Cover and cook in oven.

Oven Temperatures: 180oC, Gas 4.

Cooking Time: 70-90 minutes.

Serve with rice.

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